Netizens React To Leaked Enioluwa’s Alleged S*x Tape

Enioluwa’s Alleged S*x Tape

Nigerian influencer and content creator, Enioluwa Adeoluwa, is currently trending on social media after a video surfaced on the internet showing a man who bears a striking resemblance to him engaging in an intimate session with another man.

The sensual content was posted by a popular Instagram blogger, Gistlover, in the late hours of Monday allegedly insinuating that Enioluwa was actually the one in the video.

However, a few minutes later, Gistlover retracted its claims and brought down the video saying “I don see video and I don post am for telegram to show una say no be who Dey tag ooo, I no Dey for trouble oo una Don see the video for telegram?

Na just mere resemblance ooo, una hear the voice say no be the same too, Edakun make una no go tag innocent person ooo, does that video look like who una think? My hand no Dey ooo babu handcuff ooo. I come in peace”

Meanwhile, this did not stop the video from creating a buzz online as many criticized Enioluwa for allegedly engaging in gay sex, while others claimed they had suspected his sexual orientation all along, and the video was a confirmation.

Despite the criticisms and comments, Enioluwa has chosen to remain silent and did not address the alleged scandal.

Olúyem Fásípè AIC  @YemieFa wrote, “This Enioluwa matter is another testament to the fact that when you are doing well, a lot of people lowkey want to see you fall or fail so they can quickly pour out their bitterness, even people who had previously appeared to be your friend, fan, or supporter.”

YEMMYCOCO@Yemmie wrote, “Y’all really want Enioluwa’s downfall so bad”

The CutestKimmy@symply_kil wrote, “Enioluwa has always been gay like you don’t need writings on the wall to know that …. gistlovers thought they ate with that picture stuips Free the boy abeg”

ChampionLeo@iamadesoji wrote, “The person in the picture circulating is not Enioluwa, none of the guy in the picture/video is Enioluwa, stop trying to spoil someone’s life with something as heavy as a gay sextape ( content hidden)

Dapsyf-@@symplyDAPO wrote, “Most of you just want that picture so badly to be Enioluwa but guess what, IT IS NOT HIM. So can you all stop with the circulation of the picture and stop using it to paint him in a bad image”

BASITO@itzbasito wrote, “The person in the picture circulating is not Enioluwa, none of the guy in the picture/video is Enioluwa, stop trying to spoil someone’s life with something as heavy as a gay s*xtape.”

BIGBABY @yungmalato wrote, “Eniola and the guy in that video are two different people Gistlover’s narrative died at arrival he should try harder Enioluwa is a shining star-*-you can’t dime it easily”

Obong Roviel @ROVIEL wrote, “Unnecessary hate on Enioluwa, because what’s that rubbish?”

Lexybabs @Lexybabs wrote, “You all know it’s not Enioluwa but anything to get engagements”

De Catalyst of FUN/ @decatalyst wrote, “Caught in 4k Enioluwa God will continue to vindicate you”

Tiwa Mádé @tiwa wrote, “I can only imagine how Enioluwa must be feeling right now, seeing that his career was almost on the brink of collapse because of fake news”

Hushbillions^ @CFC Hushbilli wrote, “Gistlover has come with Eniola Enioluwa saga when we are still on Verydarkman and Bobrisky issues”

Maxvayshia™ @maxvayshia wrote, “That is obviously not enioluwa sha. Be like Gistlover don dey gba.”

Federal @FederalofLagos wrote, “I know one-day enioluwa will be drag, you all hate that guy fr”

TheCutestKimmy@@symply_kil wrote, “It’s not even Enioluwa in that video. That yeye blog knew what he was doing posting that. The boy’s clean sheet in this industry is really paining people they had to cook dies lol. I need him to do more so H@ters can choke”

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