Peter Obi Faults Lagos-calabar Highway Project, Says “Insensitive” Demolition Of Structures For The Project Is “Heart-wrenching”

Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 poll, has again faulted the construction of the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway.

Obi said the project is another example of “misplaced priority” from the government.

The federal government has commenced the construction of the 700-kilometre highway, which is expected to run through the shoreline of beach resorts in Lagos, while traversing eight other states.

The project has generated plenty of controversy. Concerns have been raised over funding and the businesses that will be impacted during construction.

On April 22, the former Anambra governor said the project should not rank high on the government’s scale of preference.

On Sunday, David Umahi, minister of works, said the federal government has flagged off the demolition of structures on its right of way at the Lagos end.

On Monday, video clips of the demolition of some structures at the Landmark Beach made the rounds on social media.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, the former Anambra governor said the “insensitive” demolition of structures for the project is “heart-wrenching”.

“While acknowledging the economic value of the road, its conception dating back to Tafewa Balewa’s time, several parameters have changed. Insecurity and poverty are rampant, placing this project lower on today’s national priorities,” Obi wrote on X.

“It’s time to question the rationale and timing of this and similar projects. The nation is in its worst economic state in history, with poverty and hunger spreading. The basic necessities of life are beyond reach for most Nigerians.

“The sight of this insensitive demolition is heart-wrenching. Livelihoods are being wiped away, lifetime investments are being wasted, and jobs are disappearing as bulldozers roar through.

“The homes of the elderly are being overturned by the power of bulldozers. Thousands of jobs are about to be lost, with investments above $200 million at risk.

““Over 100,000 jobs in the leisure and hospitality sector face imminent extinction”.

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