Lady Laments Demolition of Newly Purchased Lagos Property

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A heartbroken lady has shared a tearful account of how her family’s newly purchased property in Lagos was demolished by the state government just two months after they acquired it.

In an emotional video, the lady recounted how her family had invested their savings in the property, located in Eti-Osa local government, only to see it reduced to rubble in a matter of days.

“We bought the property in good faith, with all necessary documents and approvals,” she said. “But the government came and demolished it, leaving us with nothing.”

The lady’s story has sparked outrage and sympathy from many, who are calling on the Lagos State Government to provide compensation and support to affected families.

The government’s demolition exercise, aimed at removing structures built on water channels, has raised concerns about the welfare of affected residents and the need for more humane approaches to urban planning.

As the lady’s family struggles to come to terms with their loss, their story serves as a stark reminder of the human impact of such policies and the need for greater empathy and understanding.

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