Peter Obi Dressed As Medical Personnel As He Visits Cardiocare Hospital, Abuja

Peter Obi Dressed As Medical Personnel

Mr. Peter Obi demonstrated his dedication to the health and well-being of Nigerian children by visiting the Saving Little Hearts Program at Cardiocare Multi-Specialist Hospital in Abuja.

This outstanding initiative, led by Hospitals for Humanity (HfH), sheds light on the critical issue of congenital heart defects, which affect 1 in 100 live births. Unfortunately, 4 of these cases result in fatalities within the first 5 days of life due to critical conditions.

However, there is hope! The pediatric surgical program is committed to equipping local medical personnel with cutting-edge technology and patient care practices, particularly in cardiology. This visionary initiative aims to reduce medical tourism, stem medical brain drain, and provide vital support to underprivileged families in Nigeria.

Peter Obi Dressed As Medical Personnel

Mr. Peter Obi has urged the government to increase its support for healthcare systems in the country. It’s heartening to know that, with proper medical care, 139 children have benefited from treatment so far. With an ambitious goal to reach 150 successful cases annually, HfH is working tirelessly to achieve this target.

Peter Obi Dressed As Medical Personnel

Mr. Peter Obi witnessed the impactful work being done and shared in HfH’s commitment to enhancing healthcare for Nigerian children. Together, we can change the narrative on healthcare matters and create a brighter future for our children.

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