Democracy Day: Peter Obi, Calls for a Return to True Democracy

Peter obi

Former Nigerian Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, Calls for a Return to True Democracy on Democracy Day

In a statement commemorating Nigeria’s Democracy Day, Peter Obi urged the nation to re-examine its democratic journey and return to the true principles of democracy. He highlighted the country’s declining democratic indices, including a low democracy index score, high corruption ranking, disregard for the rule of law, restricted press freedom, and widespread hunger.

Obi emphasized the need for a people-oriented democracy, where citizens’ rights are respected, laws are obeyed, leaders are accountable, and the welfare of the poor is prioritized. He encouraged Nigerians to defend democracy and uphold the constitution’s principles.

His call to action aims to address the country’s systemic corruption, insecurity, poverty, and hunger, which have plagued Nigeria despite its democratic journey. Obi’s message resonates with many Nigerians seeking a better future for their nation.

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