Wife cries out for advice as she finds pant in husband’s pocket during laundry

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A wife cries out for advice as she finds female pant in her husband’s pocket while washing his clothes.

The took to an anonymous platform to reveal this as she suspects her husband of having an affair.

She revealed that she confronted her husband about the pant she found in his pocket and he denied knowing how it got there.

The wife stated that she later discovered whom he was cheating with through his chats with a female colleague of his.

According to her, she intends to take the underwear to her workplace to give it to the lady so as to create a scene.

She wrote …

“While washing my husband’s clothes last Saturday, I saw a ladies pant in his back pocket. This only means to me that he either had an affair in the office or in his car but I am convinced it’s the office because if it was on the car, he wouldn’t have pocketed it.

He pocketed it to prevent anyone from seeing when they probably walk in on them. He did that before, he was sleeping with a lady in the office and when a client came in, they pretended not to be doing anything but they had forgotten the lady’s pant on the edge of the table, that raised suspicion and almost caused him his job, he only maintained his job because it is government A work. Due to that, I am sure he now pockets it.

I asked him about it and he said he doesn’t know how it got there. I had the chance to go through his phone last night and though I didn’t see anything, I saw he texted a lady A at his work place frequently and even orders double lunch almost every afternoon. This had me feeling like it’s that lady because they use ‘dear and a lot of emojis when texting!

I want to take the pant to his workplace and give it back to the lady in front of everyone to create a scene and leave. I want to do this tomorrow; I hope I wouldn’t be overreacting? Please, advise me before I take any further steps tomorrow.”

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