Tapswap Users Face Disappointment as Token Exchange Event Pushed to Q3


Tapswap has announced a delay in the distribution of its tokens, pushing the allocation to the third quarter of the year.

This news has caused disappointment among users who have been actively mining coins since the app’s launch on February 15, 2024.
The Tapswap app has gained popularity, attracting over 50 million users globally.

Originally, the token exchange event was scheduled for July 1st.

However, Tapswap management decided to postpone it to ensure better service for its users.

In a series of threads on X, the management described the situation as both “bad and good news.”

They are currently in discussions with tier 1 exchanges worldwide to ensure appropriate pricing and protection from scammers.

The announcement read: “We’ve got some bad and really good news for you at the same time: our team has decided to move the date for the Shares-to-Token exchange event. You might wonder, what’s good about that? Just FUD? Not exactly. The whole point is that you’ll benefit from this. Let us explain how.”

The management emphasized the need for detailed work on tokenomics and an appropriate launch strategy, requiring extra time.

“However, this success comes with some ‘inconveniences’. This level of attention requires much more detailed work on tokenomics and the right launch strategy. And that means extra time. But know that this is all to ensure that our launch in Q3 is fair and, more importantly, profitable for all of you who stand by us no matter what,” the announcement continued.

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Tapswap encouraged its users to remain optimistic about future developments and expressed gratitude for their support and feedback.

“We really value your support. And we truly listen to your feedback, so don’t forget to share it in the comments. Together, we’ll keep reaching higher and higher levels,” they concluded.

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