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Paul Chukwuma

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Anambra is a state that seems to be destined to forever operate at a level far below its innate potentials. Anambra State is a bustling city state, though with a relatively small land mass, but one with all the ingredients to become a modern megapolis. Even with its stunted growth and development over the years, Anambra is still the preeminent centre of commerce in the South East geopolitical zone.

Apart from its commercial DNA, Anambra is also home to many natural entrepreneurs and proven industrialists. However, in terms of growth and development, it is safe to say that Anambra State is not yet there. Since 1999, our dear state has been facing myriads of challenges mostly due to bad leadership and inefficiencies of successive governments.

Worse still, in 2006, Anambra became an opposition state, and this has in many ways than one, denied Anambra lots of opportunities and collaborative efforts to develop our dear state considering the nature and structure of politics in our federalist Nigeria. This is part of the reason governors like Peter Obi, Willie Obiano and even the outgoing Prof. Charles Soludo have tried to romance with the ruling party at the centre while in office as opposition, but these have not yielded the much needed results as they have been unable to attract the much needed development that will propel Anambra to the heights that we ought to be considering our potentials.

Having seen that APGA does not have the ideology nor grand visioning to move Anambra State beyond a mid-level state even if given 100 years to govern the state, the sensible route for ndi Anambra is to try another political party. At the moment, in Anambra State there is only one political party – the All Progressives Congress – that can unlock the potential box where Anambra State has been bottled up for so long by APGA.

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The APC is the best alternative vehicle of governance in Anambra State because of the sheer quality of natural born leaders in its fold as well as a clearly-defined developmental ideology rooted in progressivism. It is therefore not surprising that one of the best products of APC, Sir Paul Chukwuma (Onwa), a consummate entrepreneur, a social Democrat and a bright and talented mind, has stepped up to rescue Anambra State from sliding fully into a perpetual cycle of maladministration and a degrading political situation.

Sir Paul Chukwuma, to start with, is a man imbued with a strong progressive ideology who has been consistent in his belief in the ideals of the All Progressive Congress. Sir Paul Chukwuma has served as the National Auditor of the APC, and as a veteran in the political and governance terrain of Anambra State has carefully studied the political and economic landscape of Anambra state, identifying many structural defects and loopholes that have slowed our developmental journey as a state.

Sir Paul Chukwuma has shown through his past track records of service both in public and private service that he is competently ready to fix the loop holes in the administrative structure of Anambra State going forward once ndi Anambra gives him their unflinching mandate. He is a man who is in tune with the yearning at the grassroot and has also taken his time to lay an enduring foundation in national politics. He has seen the challenges firsthand and he is coming with a rich experience in the bag to better Anambra State.

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As a humanitarian, and a passionate Onye Anambra, Onwa has over the years maintained solid engagements with the less privileged and the downtrodden. He is a passionate lover of education and views it as the best tool to emancipate the people. Over the years, apart from his private investments in education sector, Sir Paul Chukwuma has sponsored numerous scholarships for indigent students in Anambra State, endowed many schools with funds to rebuild dilapidated structures.

His latest payment of WAEC fees and free Jamb registration for over 1500 indigent Anambra students across the state clearly shows how much he loves and values education and is highly eager to reposition Anambra State education sector. The same goes for the health sector. His foundation has made it a routine to sponsor medical outreaches as part of a multilayer approach to expand access to healthcare for all.

As an individual, Sir Paul Chukwuma periodically embarks on hunger alleviation programmes for people in the grassroot including grassroot members of the APC across the 326 wards in Anambra state, a record that no private individual in APC Anambra State has achieved since the emergence of APC in the State. Furthermore, a lot of young Anambrarians through his foundation have become gainfully employed in his conglomerate and through his recommendation courtesy of his extensive network.

An average member of the APC in Anambra recalls with notslagia that during the tenure of Sir Paul Chukwuma as the National Auditor of the APC, he struck an enduring partnership with the leadership of the state chapter of the party and his impact was greatly felt down to the grassroot ranks. This is why the majority who are conversant with his achievements and impact in APC insists that he is the only candidate that is truly ready and capable to dislodge APGA from Anambra government house come 2025.

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It is therefore imperative that as our dear state yearns for a different breed of leader that will rescue Anambra from the clutches of APGA, the All Progressive Congress must ensure that it picks the right general for the rescue mission. Sir Paul Chukwuma is the best option for APC to achieve this 2025 Anambra Rescue Mission. He is a candidate all well-meaning Anambrarians would easily support to get their state back from the tentacles of APGA.

We are confident to say that Sir Paul Chukwuma is ready to answer this clarion call to serve Anambra State. He is ready to lead from the front with the required urgency and innovation. He is going to revamp the foundation of governance and reposition it towards the trajectory of excellence. The only single task left in the hands of Anambra APC to set the rescue ball rolling is for the party and by extension its membership to support Sir Paul Chukwuma to emerge as the party’s governorship flag bearer for the 2025 Guber race. This is how we rescue our dear state from APGA!

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