Nigerians, Remember, it is “Ike-otu-onye,” a powerful phrase that means ‘The power of one man’

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As the prestigious Ijele makes its appearance in Lagos, it marks a profoundly significant moment for Nigerians and Ndi Anambra. As Soludo prepares to take the spotlight at the esteemed Eko Hotel and Suites, his presence exudes an undeniable aura, firmly positioning him at the center of attention. Today signifies yet another important milestone in his illustrious journey. As a distinguished three-time winner of the Global and African Best Central Bank Governor award, Soludo unquestionably commands the Right of Way.

It is worth noting that he has been bestowed with commendation letters from two former presidents, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Alhaji Musa Yar’Ardua. This underscores his exemplary service and steerling legacies.

Soludo’s indelible mark on the banking world and his influential and commendable legacy at the Central Bank of Nigeria are being fondly remembered and celebrated after two decades as “Ike-otu-onye.”

During his tenure at the CBN, Soludo exemplified the notion that certain individuals possess distinctive abilities and skills that enable them to surmount specific tasks and challenges with remarkable success. His achievement of the seemingly impossible banking consolidation in just 18 months, without incurring any cost to Nigeria, stands as a testament to his capabilities and commitment to building a prosperous homeland.

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