The “Gentleman” Soludo And His Radical Spectrum Of Change


By: Mazi Ejimofor Opara

There are very few humans who have dropped their life on the alter of public scrutiny without coming out scathed. Where their public life appears spotless, their private life revolts like a can of worms or vice-versa. I am picking particularly on a Prof. Soludo who is unperturbed about any aspect of his life you choose to investigate.

As a young student, his only addiction was football. No history of cultism, malpractice or any other form of delinquency excusable for teenage or young adults. His contemporaries at Uga Boys Secondary School call him “Lord Paragon” in recognition of his maverick. At the University of Nigeria Nsukka, he was known as “Solution”.

As an early Academic, he was an all-round formator with iron-clad integrity such that even those who passed through the Department of Economics at the University of Nigeria Nsukka years after he had left lay huge claims of having been taught by a Soludo, when in fact they only encountered him in his books and scholarly works. All through his verifiable service at the University, no stories of harassment, extortion or incompetence. He was a Student’s delight, and a Teacher’s teacher. One of the earliest initiators of Computer Training and Internet provision in the entire University community of a sleepy town called Nsukka.

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As a global itinerant scholar, he was exceptional, a maverick with rare abilities for charting uncommon pathways. Yet, no stories of under-hand dealings or sharp practices. In public service from his days as Chief Economic Adviser to his ascent as the CBN Governor he only left groundbreaking records that have remained unmatched till date. This is the grand impetus for Ray Echebiri’s “The Power of One Man”. Yet, according to the Anglican ArchBishop and Bishop of Lokoja Diocese, Most. Rev. Emmanuel Egbunu, no single case of graft is pinned on him by the EFCC or any other law enforcement agency almost 20 years after.

Soludo is human and may not be perfect. What is certain, however, is that he is a thoroughbred gentleman with very radical ideas and an uncommon will to see them through.

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