3 Days To Election: APGA Members Dump Party And Anayo Nnebe Endorse Goddy Ezenagu

 Threatens to expose dealings with Obiano if he loses_

All is not well with *Anayo Nnebe,* the incumbent Federal House Member, representing Awka North and South, as the recent political  happenings within APGA and the body language of majority of the party stakeholders, all pointed to the fact that he is gradually losing the party’s confident and set for another monumental defeat in the hand of Ochendo on Saturday.

Nnebe frustration began when news reached him that Awka North APGA stakeholders, held an emergency meeting at an undisclosed location and agreed to work against him at the election. Also, Ichele couldn’t stand the news that the Traditional Rulers in Awka North have all agreed to give Ochendo their support.

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According to a close confidant of Ichele, who never wanted his name mentioned in print, Nnebe who was visibly shaking and sweating, immediately put a call to the Governor and was crying that the party has finished him.

Obiano sternly warn him to stop behaving like a child and confront his own demon. Though the Governor promised to call back but Nnebe waited all through that day without hearing from the governor.

The insider stated that Nnebe is not taking the Governor’s silence lightly, as he vow to do exactly what Ifeanyi Ubah did by revealing his agreement with the Governor, if he failed to deliver him.

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Ichele boasted that his contributions that gave Obiano 21/21 victory is enough to get all he wanted from APGA. He tells anyone who care to listen that he is going to rig the 2019 election and that the governor have no option because he has no option.

He threatens to expose the role of the Governor in the manipulated primaries that gave him the ticket and many other agreement.

Anayo Nnebe who has no visible Constituency projects done for the people past for years, is banking on rigging, just like he did in 2015 with PDP. There are relaible rumour circulating that he recently had meeting with some PDP stalwarts to prepare ground for his return shortly after his victory, as he considered  APGA, as a use and dump  party.

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APGA in Awka North and South is currently divided. Many party members who never liked Ichele are secretly meeting on how to deliver Ochendo and pay Ichele back in his own coin.

Nnebe has indeed crossed the line by threatening Obiano and this may not go down well with the Governor, who might order that the party withdraw all its support for him and adopt *Ochendo of SDP.*

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