4 Ways To Get Through Work After A Short Night

It is Detty December and there are parties everywhere, it is time for “Parte after Parte” but this does not rule out the fact that you still have to work.

This period, it is possible to have less sleep and it might become difficult to stay fully awake at work, and in most offices, sleeping at work is not allowed, you need to go about your official duties in the best way possible.

Below are some tips help you get through work after a rough night or fun night, depends on which one you had.

Reduce the coffee
It is easy to turn to the “darling” coffee, however, do not shoot yourself in the leg by taking coffee over and over again. Coffee will keep you alert in the morning but subsequently,  you urinate often, which makes you dehydrated.

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Remember, lack of sleep makes you have a reduced concentration rate while also making you feel fatigued. Hence, energy drinks and caffeinated drinks make you feel fatigued subsequently. The best thing is to take water. It is also cheap, try it!

Be active
Taking a jog in the morning or taking a walk can counter the effect of a sleepless night. You can take a walk during your lunch break.

Also, instead of opting to take a bus or taxi to work, you can walk instead, this keeps you active throughout the day.

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According to Dr. Chris Alford, an associate professor at the University of West England and founding member of the British Sleep Society:

“Seeking out bright natural light will help switch off the sleep-promoting systems in your brain and enable you to feel more alert.”

Eat energising food
Foods like porridge will make you energetic and this will keep you active. Don’t forget food gives you the energy to get through the day, so try not to skip meals.

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Foods such as porridge, whole grains, nuts, and seeds can help top up energy levels.

Have a chat with your colleagues
This is one of the reasons you need to appreciate that “ever ready to chat colleague.” When you share some laughs and talk with some of your colleagues, you feel less sleepy and more active.

In case you feel cranky, avoid sensitive topics or getting into arguments so you do not shoot yourself in a spot where you’ll say things you shouldn’t say.

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