4 Ways You Can Become A Better Plus-Size Shopper

Plus-size women deserve sophistication in their style too just like the other body types hence why we have decided to give them these shopping tips.

If you’re a plus-size shopper, you would be able to relate to the different hassles involved in picking outfits that are a true reflection of you like finding clothes above a size 12, structured blazers, wide-leg pants, classic coats, brands that want to tell plus-size women they can be sophisticated grown-ups, kick-ass bosses, or just cooler than some floral-printed muumuu.

Keep reading for some ways you can be a better plus-size shopper.

Buy Menswear

Be a boss lady with menswear like buying blazers with commanding and strong shoulders that fit you. If you have a fit issue, there is nothing a good tailor cannot fix.

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Pay Attention To “Mature” Brands Like Eileen Fisher Or Lafayette 148

For some unknown reason, plus-size shoppers are often treated like teenagers or grandmothers. But don’t knock the more mature brands! They often carry well-made staples. So even if the brand isn’t your usual vibe, they might have pieces that work with your wardrobe. Your best bet at finding things from more mature brands is to sift through a department store’s offering.

Try Tailored Brands

If you can’t find anything you like, consider making yours. There are many talented fashion designers and tailors out there that can have you looking good with custom made outfits. The best part is the fact that you even get to pick your own fabrics.

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Accessories Can Change Your Vibe
When in doubt, wear something minimal or basic and lean into accessories that make you look more elevated.

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