5G will improve lives, not hazardous to humans health

5G will improve lives, not hazardous to humans health

Experts at 5th Lagos State University (LASU), virtual public lecture, have debunked the rumours, myths and fake news surrounding the introduction of 5G network, describing them as unfounded.

The experts in the field of technology, said that the 5G network will not cause havoc to humans health but will rather improve their lives.

Dr. Toyin Enikuomehin, head of Computer Science Department, Faculty of Science at LASU, who spoke on ‘Understanding the technical framework of the 5G network’ at the 5th LASU virtual public lecture stated emphatically that the latest technology would define better ways of communication, calls, video and audio, including messages in real time.

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He added that all the communication services would be faster than the previous ones with the speed 5G brings.

Enikuomehin further stated that 5G would enhance cyber security, transform the ecosystem, including the virtual platform and would change the way things are being done.

He also clarified that no 5G mast has been erected anywhere in the country.

Idowu Farai, professor of Radiation and Health Physics, explained that all networks operate through oscillating electromagnetic waves, while frequency determines energy.

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He said only high energy had exposure to hazards, adding that no communication network operates in the high energy range.

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