7 Million Nigerians Fall Into Extreme Poverty In 13 Months

The number of extremely poor Nigerians has risen to 94, 212 064 million, data from the World Poverty Clock show.

The figure implies that virtually half of Nigeria’s population now live in extreme poverty.

As Nigeria faces a major population boom—it is estimated by the United Nations in a 2017 report that it would become the world’s third-largest country by 2050—it’s a problem likely to worsen.

The latest figure shows that an additional seven million Nigerians have since fallen under the poverty line.

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Also, the 2019 Global Multidimensional Poverty Index in July of this year indicated that the multidimensionally poor Nigerians rate increased from 86 million to 98 million between 2007 and 2017.

The report which was released by United Nations Development Programme and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, noted that in Nigeria, even though the proportion of people who are multi-dimensionally poor has remained constant at just over 50 per cent over the past decade (up to 2017), the actual number of people who are multi-dimensionally poor increased from 86 million to 98 million over the same period.

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