A Must Read: For Those Who Say That IPOB Are Damaging Igbos In Nigeria

A Must Read

This for all those who keep ranting that the Indigenous People OF Biafra(IPOB) are damaging Igbos in Nigeria, politically and economically. Those who say that IPOB is causing division and making Igbos to be hated, read this:

In the late 90’s OPC was an armed terror group that killed people, destroyed lives and property, even killed Policemen, all in the South West. Many Nigerians ran back to their Regions due to the violence OPC brought. Yet, OPC was never declared terrorists and their activities did not prevent a Yoruba man called Obasanjo being elected president in 1999. Infact, the OPC leader is now the highest titled man in Yoruba land.

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Despite the fact that armed Fulani herdsmen are killing people in virtually every state in Nigeria, they have not been declared terrorists, and a Fulani man called Buhari was elected President in 2015 and re-elected in 2019

IPOB is an unarmed group that has not done 1% of what OPC and herdsmen have done but were declared terrorists. If any thing, IPOBs problem has always been the heavy handed use of force by the security agents that causes clash between the two

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So if OPC did not deprive Yorubas of any economic or political advantage or getting Obasanjo elected

If Fulani killer herdsmen did not prevent a Fulani men like Buhari and Yaradua from being elected President

Then how is IPOB damaging Igbos when others that were far worse than IPOB did not damage their people?

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