A Must Read: Open Letter To Governor Umahi

Governor Umahi


I write on behalf of Ebonyi youths to you His Excellencies expressing our displeasure with recent developments in our dear state.

The youths of Ebonyi state have watched with dismay as handshakes go beyond the elbow and letters and statements of shame emanate from the tentacles of our revered leaders. We read those letters mouth agape, the allegations disturbing, the drumbeats of war too loud to be ignored.

We listened to Governor David Umahi as he alleged that our political fathers are sponsors of mayhem and chaos in Ebonyi State. We found the claims worrisome. Without throwing caution to the wind, we find it hard to believe that those who built the house that’s Ebonyi State will now set it on fire.

The youths of Ebonyi State find it bewildering that Senator Dr. Sam O Egwu, the pioneer executive governor of Ebonyi state, will engage in acts inimical to the progress of the state that he laboured to build. We also disagree with the security report that Senator Anyim, who has played active role in enthroning good governance in our state, will now be the leader of hoodlums, treasonous felons, cultists and secessionists whose only goal is to reenact the ruins of Libya in Ebonyi state. And begin to lead these people just few days after Governor Umahi left the PDP for the APC.

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Governor Umahi stated that those allegations were made by security agencies but we wish to remind Governor Umahi that security reports are not always correct. The CIA came to President George W. Bush of the United States in 2003 with reports of chemical weapons in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Bush went on a dangerous exhibition that left Iraq in ruins and Suddaim, his family and associates exterminated. It turned out that the security report was wrong. There was no weapon of mass destruction in Iraq.

The FBI, the CIA and several other trusted security agencies in the USA also came out with a security report in 2017. They concluded that Russia, and not the American people, had elected US president Donald Trump. The claims were spurious from the onset but were quickly believed because they came from security agencies. This wild claim led to the establishment of a special investigation counsel, impeachment proceedings and the waste of billions in US taxpayers money. It turned out there were lies. Trump was elected by Americans and not Russians.

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These two examples prove that security reports are not always correct and should rather be investigated properly before being made public. The youths of Ebonyi State find it worrisome that Governor Umahi didn’t first reach out to appropriate authorities to investigate these claims and make the necessary arrests before making them public.

Worrisome too are the profanity laddened letter from Senator Anyim Pius Anyim. It was clear Senator Anyim wrote his letter with sadness. The agony could be felt. The insults, the slinging of muds, the allegations. The letter was a battlefield of dangerous, disastrous and cataclysmic words. The letter demeaned the personality of Senator Anyim. It’s the kind of crude letters written by Shekau and friends. The letter made several allegations but provided justification for none.

Our leaders have not set a good example and that makes us unhappy. We the youths of Ebonyi State stand on the platform of peace. We do not care about whatever party anyone belongs to. All we want is peace, dividends of democracy and good governance. We have read the letters from our leaders. We have heard the chants of war. We see that we could become victims. We see that there are dangerous days ahead. It’s why we appeal for peace.

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Choosing to toe a different path will engender unimaginable consequences. Certain utterances could set this state on fire, make it ungovernable and give peace a run. Hoodlums will capitalize on some statements to perpetrate evil. The cankerworm of misguided utterances is the foundation of the decline of civilizations from Mesopotamia to Egypt and on to the Swedish Empire.

Ebonyi is a peaceful, peace-loving state, but at this rate a degeneration to something else is not unimaginable. We plead that our leaders let the eagle perch and also let the hawk perch. He who says the other should not perch will by no reason live to tell the tale. Ebonyi is PDP, Ebonyi is also APC. We can live side by side in harmony and in brotherhood while joining forces to contribute our quota in delivering good governance, peace, youth empowerment and security of lives and properties.

God bless Ebonyi State!
God bless Nigeria!

©Comrade Ugonna Utulor
Movement for Deepening Democracy

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