A Very Important Information For All Opay User

A Very Important Information For All Opay User

This is shocking. “Someone was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death because a man he didn’t know pretended that his phone battery had gone off so he requested him if he’d the Opay app to request a keke for him so that he could go home. Remember Opay has the details of the phone owner so whenever u request, it’s recorded. So the following morning the keke rider was found dead and the keke missing. The Opay company produced to the police the phone details of the last person that had requested the service and that’s how he got implicated and then sent to Prison,awaiting for his death date.

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Please don’t request a keke for anyone, not even your friends. They could be jealous of you and set you up. You will have to go through an expensive process of proving that you only requested the Opay for them.

Remember to treat everyone as a suspect when they make such requests.
Please forward to alert your loved ones.

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