After Many Years Of Political Research, Reasons Why Obasanjo Sold Peter Odili Out (Full Details)

Obasanjo and Peter Odili

After many years of political research, the reasons why peter odili, who was more than qualified to contest for the presidency did even not emerge as a vice president is finally out.

Even though former president olusegun Obasanjo had recently claimed that the EFCC investigation might have stood in the way of Odili being the president. There are strong indications that OBJ had not told the entire truth. Its still unclear why OBJ still alludes to this facts that lack concrete evidences, nor does it edifies his reasons for backing a sick man, yar’Adua to be the president of a country.

Obasanjo stated that he knew that yar’Adua was sick, so he asked him for his health report, which he brought and upon accession, it was discovered that he had no medical problems then. Obasanjo has been accused by the Northerners that he brought in a sick man, so as to short circuit the North.

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It is reported that even PDP produced Yar’Adua, it was believed that Obasanjo who rarely forgives, according to those who were close to him exerted vengeance on Peter Odili. They alleged that the presidency, under the rulership of Obasanjo, used the EFCC investigation as an excuse to shove him(peter odili) off.

According to reports, it was recorded that Obasanjo was greatly pained at the failure of his third tenure bid, despite what was seen as an attempt to massive bribery. And unfortunately for peter odili, most of the people who were against Obasanjo’s third tenure bid were his supporters. And besides too, there were feelings that only a person with strong political power, could counter such effects of the large sum of money that was placed into the third tenure bid by Obasanjo’s alibies.

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There were rumors within the PDP, that peter odili was the one responsible for the defect of the third tenure bid, and peter odili never countered or confronted the rumors, which may have acted against the success of his ambitions by Obasanjo, whom he relied on.

Peter odili was indeed more than qualified to be the president then. Even Obasanjo in his statement released recently, agreed that odili was a better qualified candidate for the Job then.

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It might be that Obasanjo’s conscience continues to flogging him, that is why he always mentions Peter odili in his statements, may be if he had the power he would have gone back to the past and correct his mistake.

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