Allegation Against Imo LGA Auditor General: Samuelson Has Smooth Tongue Of A Lying Snake -Prof Ekweremadu

By Prof Dominic Ekweremadu, OON, FNIPR

While Nigeria is battling to rid the polity of fake news emanating from treachery blackmailers, we are constrained to note that the man who prides himself as a social crusader, one Mr. Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha may have joined the league of highway blackmailers or may have been deceived into falling into the den workers of iniquity.

We therefore call on the good people of Imo State and the general public to ignore, disregard the unfounded, spurious, frivolous, and empty allegations the hatchet writer leveled against, Barr Reuben Osita Nwosu.

In that diatribe and his hemlock of a letter to the Governor, he unintelligently churned out a script of fiction that could best be featured in a world of fantasy. His whole struggle to label Barr Nwosu a corrupt public office holder is nothing but a calculated attempt in futility. It is most laughable and hollow!

There is no doubt that Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha who falsely parades himself as a Social Crusader, in fairness to him, may rather not know what is wrong with. He surely needs our prayers and pity as he may have been possessed by a dangerous evil spirit.

He is not in lack of energy in disparaging innocent persons, especially when the pay is handsomely rewarding.

We may have forgotten that Samueslon who turned an overnight and half-baked Social Crusader first had a moving business before he unfortunately lost it to the demolition of Eke-Ukwu Owerri. So, becoming the Media Aide of a former Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly and later a Senator was one mistake, too many. The general public is still in touch with full dossier of Samuelson’s character against his former Boss, now late. May his soul Rest In Peace!

Till the curtain fell on late Uwajumogu of blessed memory, he remained a nuisance of unimaginable degree.

Under Ikedi Ohakim’s government, after feeding fat from the former Governor’s magnanimity, just a little moment of cease, he became a pin in the neck of his god. This was to the extent he was flogged before he learnt how to behave himself. The same story repeated itself during Okorocha’s years as Governor. He was later put behind bars for alleged cult activities, which led to the death of one of them at his Owerri residence. The records are there for public perusal.

Rather than be sober, Samueslon claimed that the government has a hand in his ordeal. Unfortunately, his wife, a good woman suffered from that cup of sorrow occasioned by Samuelson’s delinquencies.

Of course he only reconciled with Okorocha after his mouth had been filled with bones as a canvasser for Uche Nwosu.

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We do not mean to take for granted Iwuoha’s concocted scattered thought of lies and misplaced innuendos always in a bid to present self as an angel of light whereas he is one hell of chichi-dodo.

From the aforementioned, Samuelson is either irredeemably mentally programmed a cannon fodder or must have been possessed by a dangerous evil spirit from birth. This is evidenced in the manner in which he garnishes his falsehoods with libelous ingredients.

Meanwhile, for his timidity and impatience to engage in any intellectual exercise or objections, Samuelson has over the years opened fake Facebook accounts to help himself in boosting comments in whatever trash he produces. Gentlemen and Ladies, our investigation: Okigwe Unity is Samuelson. He has many other accounts he uses to deceive the public into believing that he has followership, otherwise no right thinking person wishes to associate with Samuelson. He is more dangerous than Covid-19 pandemic. Anyone who wants to be destroyed or die slowly should allow Samuelson to be closer to him or her!

It is believed that it is nonetheless a mental condition where he is always talking to himself so strangely and answers himself. Should such a person be left to be walking about free with a psychiatric diagnosis?

The above preambles are just to refresh our memory about the background of the man, samuelson and the consistency of his inconsistencies in character.

For the purposes of not allowing unsuspecting publics who may not understand fall into temptation of believing the son of Satan (Bibles says that Satan is the father of all liars), hence the resolve to do a rejoinder to one of those rantings coming from a furious loose agent.

  1. Saying that Barr. Osita Nwosu was due for retirement in January, 2020 showed how shallow this man in a toga of a blackmailer can be. We wish to inform Mr Social Crusader who crusades for Stomach that AUDITORS GENERAL retire by age: that is on attainment of the age of 60 and not by length of service, refer to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the Imo State Local Government Administration law law No 15,2000 as amended.

By june 2020, Barr Nwosu was due for retirement from the service but was graciously granted extension of service by the Executive Governor of the State His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma as reward for his competency and capacity, coupled with his creditably and undented service record, performance, dedication and commitment to duty.

  1. Samuelson may have forgotten that it is the prerogative of the President or the Governor to extend the service of any officer he finds strategic to advance the course of governance. His Excellency, President Mohammadu Buhari exercised this prerogative with the immediate past Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai had such an extension He left service after 42 years. Let us not forget that the immediate past Inspector General of Police Mohammed Abubakar also had an extension of office. Permanent Secretaries and other public office holders have had to have such grace, which were absolutely on strategic grounds.
  2. In Imo State, it is also not an aberration for a governor to exercise such prerogative. Governor Ikedi Ohakim gave Dr Onyenze J O, predecessor to Barr Nwosu, Two years extension of service from 2009 to 2011; Governor Rochas Okorocha gave Sir Kamalu A N former Auditor-General for State and Some other Permanent Secretaries extension of service, likewise Emeka Ihedioha also gave Some Permanent Secretaries and Other Heads Extra Ministerial Departments extension of service and they all served out.
  3. Coming to the issue of salary padding, it is obvious that Ikenna Samuelson is either an educated illiterate or much have been in a sober mood to the extent he lost his common logic. X-raying the function of an Auditor, it supposes that his job is to audit government transactions to ensure that every penny is spent within the ambit of established procedures to engender corporate governance , accountability and probity. The question is; does the auditor pay salaries? Does he manage the finances of the government or establishment?
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The answer is capital no. How then did Samuelson come about salary padding when the Auditor-General is not the Accountant General? It is then fool hardy to read such illogical trash built on a disjointed premise with a scattered conclusion. It fails common sense and elementary logic. How did he then come about N13 billion appropriations frittered away from the government purse?

  1. It is on record that with his competence in auditing, Barr. Nwosu has saved the State from financial stress.
  2. Samuelson and his sponsor failed to convince knowledgeable publics their drive. How Samuelson and his co-travellers claim that Barr Nwosu was ever indicted. Let it be known to the general public that Mazi Osita Nwosu has never been indicted by any committee or a panel. He is as clear and transparent as clean calm water.
  3. We are not unaware of the antics of the handiwork of alleged one Peoples Democratic Party card carrying member, Mr. Dominic E Edomobi who found Samuelson a willing tool to hatch his evil plot from the pit of hell. He is the man pulling the string of circulating unfounded allegations against the Auditor-General for Local Governments.
  4. It is well documented that Edomobi, in his vaulting ambition spiced with selfish interest and with his stock in trade of blackmail has not rested in raising unfounded tales against Officers of the Government. He is a drowning man with desperate intent to perpetuate his illegal stay in the state civil service.
  5. It is imperative to state here that Edomobi was retired in 2016 after serving for 35 years in Imo State Civil service but was wrongfully and illegally reinstated as a Director in the Office of Auditor General For local Governments on 25th June 2019 under questionable circumstances by the immediate past administration of Emeka Ihedioha for political reasons.
  6. For him now to be maliciously championing frivolous blackmail against the Auditor General is because he is the man with the feet of clay. He has to remove the mud in his eyes first, so he could see very well before talking about the grain in other people’s eyes.
  7. We have watched with dismay witnessing how Samuelson has continued to degenerate into a mere bingo who is ready to bark and at every bone thrown at him.
  8. One wonders how an outsider who lacks every sense of decency can write a Governor whose intelligence, presence of mind coupled with intelligence at his disposal are unequal. This is rather the height of insult and utter disregard to Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma or is Samuelson on vindictive mission, serving as an agent to Edomobi or for the opposition party.
  9. We appreciate his introduction and his devil’s alternative, which he has used and an entry behavior with a view to cut deep into the veins and arteries of this government.
  10. We therefore, call on Samuelson to go on self-evaluation so as to deliver himself from descent into madness or psychosis.
  11. It is to be noted without any fear of contradiction that Barr Reuben Osita Nwosu does not own any house outside Owerri and his hometown in Ideato North as claimed by Samuelson, and any house he owns was duly declared and documented at the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) in line with the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.
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Prof Dominic Ekweremadu, OON, FNIPR, a Lecturer writes from Owerri, the capital of Imo State

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