American Dentist says’ she was sacked from work for supporting Trump on Facebook

A Milwaukee dental assistant claims she’s out of work because she posted a pro-Trump message on her Facebook page celebrating a rally the president held in Wisconsin Tuesday.

According to Robyn Polak, her boss cut her loose when an online commenter logged on to the Facebook page belonging to her employer, Precision Dental, to complain its employees post “racist comments” on their personal pages.

The tooth doctors’ web page was not publicly accessible Thursday, but according to a report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Precision Dental apologized to that commenter online, assured him that Polak didn’t speak for the office and promised, “We are handling the situation in-house as we speak.”

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Polak posted what appear to be screenshots of that interaction as well.

The 35-year-old mom said her boss called her later that day to say her employment was being terminated.

Though Polak wasn’t mentioned by name in the Facebook complaint to her office, she said her employer “assumed it was me because I’m the only Republican in that office.”

Polak said she’s not a racist, but that she was left “speechless” by her sudden state of unemployment.

Precision Dental MKE, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel they couldn’t discuss personnel matters, but insisted “no employee has ever been terminated for their political beliefs or their support or opposition of the President or any political candidate.”

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Polak posted about the firing on her Facebook page, where she found plenty of support among fellow MAGA enthusiasts. She also found herself having to stand up in defense of a Bowling Green, Ky., man who claimed his office, also called Precision Dental, had come under fire from angry Trump supporters who got confused.

“My wife and I are kind of freaking out,” according to the seemingly frightened man, who said he opened his dental practice with his wife last year.

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The Kentuckian said the situation was “obviously very concerning to us.”

Voice quivering, he asked the online lynch mob to spread the word that he has nothing to do with Polak’s situation.

“Please leave these people alone this is in Kentucky. NOT MILWAUKEE!” Polak wrote.

In 2018, she posted a photo from a marquee belonging to The Dentists at South Shore celebrating the conclusion of the Milwaukee Brewers’ impressive 2018 baseball season.

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