An Extortionist On The Prowl In Bayelsa State

Bayelsa State Government and the general public should call Mr Doubra Kumokoh from Igbogene, to order. He is an agent to Bayelsa State Board of Internal Revenue and a brother to the governor of the state.
Mr Doubra Kumokoh is an extortionist who has subjected food haulage companies to sufferings regardless of whatever permits they have from other states.
In Bayelsa State, trailers hauling foodstuffs, minerals and water are subjected to high levies. A trailer is expected to pay one hundred and fifty thousand (N150,000) for board stickers and seven thousand (N7,000) daily haulage fee. Trailers are lined up outside the Yenagoa city entrance due to the activities of this agent.
This could be the reason food prices are skyrocketing and out of the reach of ordinary people.
The activities of this young man has really sabotaged the efforts of Joint Mobile Sanitation Agency of Nigeria (JOMSAN) to bring back sanity to our roads, enhance the food supply chain and ensure the ease of doing business in our country.
Joint Mobile Sanitation Agency of Nigeria (JOMSAN) is an incorporated entity under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the Mandate of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) via a resolution and directive of the National Assembly to curtail the excesses of taskforce on the highways, redirect mode of operation and create acceptable mode of operation.
This practice by this miscreant has negatively impacted on the movement of food and services which has in turn led to high cost of these items. This has brought about food insecurity which must be condemned by all well-meaning Nigerians.
Bayelsa State Government, the State Commissioner of Police, the Board of Internal Revenue, the Inspector General of Police, security agencies and the general public should call this man to order.

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Igwe Onyeche Wofurum
Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to the National President, Joint Mobile Sanitation Agency of Nigeria (JOMSAN).

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