Anambra 2021: APGA Has Nothing More To Contribute

Senator Victor Umeh while endorsing Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo told the audience that Soludo should be supported because he has the contact to attract foreign grants to run the state.

Umeh was quoted as saying “He (Soludo) has the capacity to work with IMF, World Bank, African Finance corporation to get Grant for us (ANAMBRA State) without waiting for federal allocation.”

The above statement is an indication that Prof Soludo has no ideas on how to create a new wealth to run the state if elected as governor of the state.

This has shown that Senator Victor Umeh is a typical food is ready politician who can not develop any model that can help lift our people from poverty. He believes in waiting for grants from countries and institutions to pay workers and share the remaining among themselves.

It is disappointing that at this point that the world is plunged into serious economic challenges, our leaders are still thinking of running the state on grants from countries that have organized themselves. At a time we should be looking inward to create an enabling environment for industrial players to develop our local contents and boast our economy.

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There is no doubt that Umeh is advocating for Soludo governorship because as an insider he has seen the damage the outgoing APGA govt has done to the treasury. He may have possibly lost hope believing that only grants can resuscitate the state.

And this has been the major problem that held most African nations down. Research shows that most African countries run their annual budget on grants/foreign aids.
The implication is that the development plans of Anambra state under Soludo administration will be imposed from outside, because most financial donors have certain guidelines which are tailored to suit their agenda.

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APGA is now seeking the votes of ndi Anambra on the grounds that their candidate has contacts to attract foreign grants having squandered 75 billion naira and got the state into a 200 billion naira debt.

Anambra can not run on grants and loans as being proposed by APGA. Southeast is still a virgin economy with so much potentials to lift it out of poverty. What we lack are leaders with creative ideas and entrepreneurship ability to think home.

While APGA is thinking of Soludo’s administration that will continue to be a recipient, waiting for grants and allocations from Abuja, it is time we elect a leader that can grow our economy so we can become a donor.

In 2017, the Ghana President, Akufo-Addo told the France President that western aid policy was bent on keeping Africa forever dependent. He said, “We can no longer continue to make policy for ourselves — in our country, in our region, in our continent — on the basis of whatever support that the Western world or France or the European Union can give us, it has not worked, and it will not work.”

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For reasons of self-respect and for reasons of economic prosperity, we no longer require that kind of assistance. APGA has just proved that all her leaders as represented by the statement credited to Umeh are ‘food is ready” politicians who want to continue squandering our common patrimony.

We have huge wealth of natural and human resources. We need a leader who knows what to do to grow the state and help us to become a donor, not a recipient.

APGA and her possible candidate are clearly not thinking in this direction and should have no reason being in Agu Awka come November 6.

Source: AIF Media

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