Anambra 2021: Checkout Dr Godwin Maduka’s Vision On Transportation For Ndi Anambra

By Nwanonenyi Sylvester Arinze

According to Erol Ozan an internationally renowned expert in transportation system “you cannot understand a city without using its public transportation system”.

Importance of Good Road Transport in Africa – Eureka Africa Blog

That is why the importance of transportation cannot be overemphasized. A good network of roads facilitate effective movement of goods and services. Anambra used to have good network of roads but now replaced by potholes.Dr.Godwin Maduka, a frontline Governorship aspirant in the State under the platform of the People’s Democratic Party PDP, is so concerned about the poor state of the roads which also cause avoidable accidents, delays and waste of man power and resources.

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Citizens have fundamental right to good roads, says court | Business  Standard News

He has vowed to repair the bad roads, construct new ones to make life easy for the people. This will bring about maximum productivity. In Dr. Godwin Maduka’s vision”We will focus on improving what is currently in existence. Ihiala River and other Rivers in the North & Central Anambra that empty into the Atlantic Ocean will be dredged and built for proper water transportation with other eastern states, in other to boost trade and tourism.Establishment of international and world class Airport to carter for human travellers and cargos will be a priority for this is long over due.This will help to reduce risks to lives and movement of properties, goods and services from Lagos or Port Harcourt that serve as the current ports of entry of goods and services for businesses based in Anambra State.This will in turn reduce the time and cost of transactions for international businesses based in Anambra State and on the other hand increase our sources of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) for the state”. A former Governor of Anambra state Mr. Peter Obi in a recent event said , “if we have to recruit you to be local government chairman, governor, vice president, president, and minister, it must be based on capacity and competence, which are viable, not what we are doing now and the country is collapsing”Dr. Godwin Maduka has the capacity to govern the State very well and he is competent. Therefore, your support for Dr. Godwin Maduka is a build up for a new Anambra State which will anchor on maximum productivity in work places, efficient and effective management of human capital, equity and justice as well as zero tolerance for corruption.

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