Anambra 2021: Dr Godwin Maduka Will Make A Good Governor Judging From His Antecedents

By: Onwurah Chinonso Anthony
(Equity Lawyer)

Who even said that Dr. Godwin Maduka is not a good option?

On what basis?
Let’s even talk about it now…..

Because he lived and worked in the United States of America or is there any other reason?

Now, let me address this America issue once and for all, pay attention to these clarifications…

Dr. Godwin Maduka was opportuned to put a foot in the door, in order to further his education overseas through divine Providence, he never planned it. It wasn’t his making, just a stroke of good fortune, Grace found him.

How can one reasonably say that Dr. Maduka does not know the terrain?

A man that was born and bred in his village. He grew up as a village boy with his peers, completed his elementary and secondary education in the same village and began life as a bachelor. He moved around the entire Southeastern states in search of greener pastures, doing one menial job or the other, just to put food on his table before God in his infinite love brought the opportunity of travelling to the United States,to further his studies in his late 20s.

To show that he’s grounded and has not forgotten his roots, as soon as he graduated from high school, God helped him secure a job and he started making money. Not long, he returned home(Alaigbo), married an Igbo woman then went back again to continue his work, unlike the cases we see today; where young men sojourning to overseas pride in getting married to the whites for whatever reason best known to them.

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Going forward, as Dr. Maduka’s medical profession started paying off, in no time he returned home, where he started from(He never forgot that life was miserable there where he grew up). As a kindhearted man and a man that understood the purpose of God over his life, he began to look into the problems of his people and started solving those problems, that is the result of what we have today at Umuchukwu, Orumba South, Local Government Area of Anambra State, a mini city with state-of- the-art infrastructures built by Dr. Godwin Maduka to give people good life. The good works you see at Umuchukwu today is a testament of a man that didn’t forget his roots, a homegrown man. Dr. Maduka has been home in his village every time doing one good work or the other.

Please who are those saying that Dr. Maduka doesn’t know the terrain?

I have a fundamental question for them

How do you know one that knows the terrain?

Unfortunately, what these people describe as being grounded is becoming a career politician…a flight of fancy.

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Must we all become career politicians? No

From the records, we’ve had most of the bad leaders among the career politicians

In my right mind, how to determine one who knows the terrain is the effects of your positive works in that terrain. How can one reasonably say that Dr. Maduka does not know the terrain; a man who has identified the immediate needs of his people and has used his God-given wealth to constantly proffer solutions to these myriad of needs, what the so-called career politicians could not do over the years.

The acid test for knowing the terrain is your verified works in that terrain to better the life of the people there. Simplicita!

How many people are beneficiaries of your benevolence?

Leadership is innate, it matters less whether you’ve been in politics since the time of Methusela or not. Some have done politics for years without good results, meanwhile doing politics for so long does not necessarily transcend to such person giving good and purposeful leadership. Dr. Maduka grew up in hardship, he has worn the shoes of the poor, hence he understands the plight of a poor man. The reason he used his God given wealth to change the situation at Umuchukwu, these things he did without harbouring any political ambition. This is more genuine and that is why many of us are staunchly supporting him to govern Anambra State. He has the will to do good and when given an opportunity he will definitely do it because he has done it before, we trust him more. His records are as clean as a hound’s tooth.

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Dr. Maduka lived and worked in the United States does not necessarily suffice that he won’t do well as the Governor of Anambra State. The former Governor, Mr. Peter Obi lived and worked in the United Kingdom. Of course he did well while being in the helm of affairs of the State. Please, on no account should people liken Dr. Maduka to Obiano again, there’s no correlation, they’re two different personalities. Onye obuna zaa aha ya!

Assessing Dr. Maduka from all angles; his inspiring antecedents, academic attainments, financial capabilities and otherwise, he has virtually everything required and he’s eminently qualified to make a good Governor of our dear State.

Those that are saying that Dr. Maduka won’t make a good governor, should please bring their constructive points to the table let’s reason together. From all the indices, he’s ahead of the game in all ramifications!

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