Anambra 2021: U-AYA And U-AWA Endorsement Of Charles Soludo Event Ended In Fiasco (Full Details)

It is was a complete show of shame yesterday at the Prof Dora Akunyili Women Development Centre, Awka where the members of United Anambra Youths Assembly, U-AYA and United Anambra Women Assembly, U-AWA converged to endorse Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo for the November 6 Anambra state governorship election.

U-AYA and U-AWA are affiliate political organisations for APGA. The groups are also recognised by APGA govt as provisions are made for them at every govt social and political functions.

However, the two groups were at the Women Development Centre yesterday to endorse Soludo and the worst happened.

After the usual political razzmatazz and borrowed grammar from the former CBN governor who beautifully presented his speech on how he would turn Anambra into Dubai-Tawan, it was time to match his speech with action.

The over 2000 youths and women mobilised as U-AYA and U-AWA members at the venue got disappointed when the Isuofia man made a token donation of 1 million naira.

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Initially, they were happy clapping and hailing him when they heard of the sum of 1 million naira donation. But the joy soured when the money was to be shared. It was announced that each person would be given 1,000 (one thousand) naira each. This infuriated all of them especially those who transported themselves from far villages to Awka for the event.

However, one brave and courageous young man from Ukwulu took the microphone and climbed the podium. He stood at the podium and blasted the onwers of U-AYA and U-AWA of how they are being used for 8 good years.

The young man lamented that all of them in U-AYA and U-AWA are hungry and poor while their leaders live in affluence, building houses at Awka and riding flashy cars. He maintained that throughout the life of this APGA govt, it has been from one failed promise another.

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His speech drew wide jubilation and hailing from all the four corners of the Women Development Centre Awka. For the first time they were happy someone was speaking their minds. The hailing motivated the young man more and spurred him.

He told the U-AYA that the1,000 naira each can not even pay for their transport and that they have been at the event since morning. It was the young man that stole show. As his speech became embarrassing to the organisers and members of the campaign organization of the Prof who were still at the venue.

Feeling uncomfortable, they rushed to the podium to snatch the microphone from him. He was subsequently ordered to leave the stage. But the young man refused as the crowd opposed to the attempt to intimidate him.

But before they could snatch the mic from him, the young man said, “where is the money we raised when we were deceived to tour the 21 LGAs with Oke Mmanwu U-AYA? We will not be deceived again in this election.”

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They quickly called in some thugs to remove him from the stage and he was forcefully bundled out.

Their action caused chaos and the venue got charged. The crowd demanded that unless the young man was brought back, no other speech would be allowed to go on.

They all threatened to walk away before the organisers shamefully asked the thugs to search for him and return him to the venue. They quickly made another 1 million naira donation, to appease the aggrieved youths.

The 2 million naira couldn’t save the situation. All of them were happy that God has used this young man from Ukwulu to voice out their grudges. The event ended on a low note.

It was another bad outing.

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