Anambra Covid-19 Funds, And The Eagle Eye

Comr Harris Chuma-Odili

It is truly overwhelming that during these trying times, the support and selflessness of individuals, corporate organisations keep on coming to support Anambra State Government in the fight to prevent and contain the spread of corona virus. The custodian of this fund should ensure that the donation is spent fairly and judiciously, to the utmost benefit of ndi Anambra.

The Anambra Covid-19 account handlers should ensure that monies and materials donated are accounted for, most importantly, spent according to its intended purpose. Many thanks to the donors, and government for making the donations public. But, the government is yet to convince ndi Anambra on how the monetary donations are going to be used. Note, therefore, that ndi Anambra deserve to know how and where the monies are being spent, how the materials are being shared. As at the moment many people are complaining bitterly for non inclusion in the sharing of the welfare packages. Unfortunately, many communities are pointing accusing fingers on friends of the government, and political appointees saying that they are the ultimate beneficiaries of the Covid-19 palliatives. The governor should urgently investigate further on this development.

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The donations should aim to boost the state’s limited health care capacity by supporting and improving on the facilities, quarantine operations and conditional medical assistance to citizens. I, sincerely wish to advise the Covid-19 Account handlers in Anambra, that the medical needs of our people, should remain top-of-mind. This is the least we can do for a people, tax payers who have played a significant role in enabling our economy over the years, especially at this time that uncertainty hangs over their hearts and minds.

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To the members of Anambra Covid-19 Team, please, keep in mind that your reward is in heaven not on planet earth, the bible said. So, endeavour to make judicious use of the Covid-19 funds, and other items. Certainly, there are prying eyes on the funds, keeping tab with developments, activities, movements, and actions. The eagle eye sees beyond the veils.


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