Anambra Guber: Stop Intimidating The Judiciary, PDP Group To Peter Obi, Val Ozigbo

The Concerned members of the People Democratic Party (PDP) Anambra State, who are aggrieved by the impunity that playing out in the state chapter of the Party, have accused the former Governor of the state, Mr. Peter Obi and his cohorts of desperation to invent any means to drag the party down the same way he left APGA in confusion.

Leader of the group, Uchem Obi, a lawyer, made this known while addressing newsmen in Awka.

He said, “it is despicable that the man who got back his mandate from the court severally; a man who was impeached and he overturned the impeachment with the aid of the court, a man that the judiciary have stood by and overruled every manner of impunity against him, can now turn around to allegedly belittle and ridicule the courts and disobey court orders and judgements with impunity. This is the worst form of rascality and these protesters here are saying that enough is enough.”

According to the Group, “Mr. Peter Obi will not be allowed to destroy PDP in the same way he tried to destroy APGA. The moment he exited from APGA, he sought relevance in Africa’s largest party, PDP, and now he’s doing everything possible to bring this party down. We are all asking him to allow the judges to work and not to use the weapon of blackmail against innocent judges.

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“Without the judiciary Peter Obi would not have emerged as Governor; so many times he has suffered injustice, it was the courts that redressed his injustice but today the same Peter Obi is saying that somebody who went to court to seek redress is a rascal. Who is a worse rascal than the man who got his mandate from the court, the man who knows that the court is the final arbiter in legal disputes and he’s stopping somebody, who feels aggrieved from going to the same court as he did, to seek redress in the same way he sought redress and got his mandate back. This is unbelievable.

“It is on record that the PDP on June 26 conducted its Primary election at the St. Paul’s University Play ground, where Senator Ugochukwu Uba was elected as the candidate of PDP for this year’s Anambra governorship election, by court certified delegates of the PDP and monitored by INEC. While they were legally electing a flagbearer, Peter Obi and his group who believed that they could do anything in the PDP, because they believe they are above the laws, moved to Dora Akunyili Women Development Centre and enthroned an illegality with an aberration they called super delegates, in complete disobedience of an existing court order and judgement while the real delegates of the PDP were at the St. Paul’s University Play ground electing Senator Ugochukwu Uba as the candidate of PDP. Peter Obi and his group are wolves in PDP’s clothing. They are not real PDP members but serial defectors who have moved from one party to the other like herdsmen.

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“Justice Nwabunike is a judge and he gave an order which he has discretionary powers to make. He did not make the order because somebody bought him or because he was paid to do it. Did Peter Obi buy his mandate in 2003? How much did it cost him to buy all cases he won in different courts? Justice Nwabunike should be allowed to do his job, if they are not satisfied with the turn out, they have options of Appeal, rather than this obnoxious resort to blackmailing judges, lampooning and ridiculing the judiciary. This is unnecessary impunity.

“We want to let the group know that no amount of rascalism and undue interference will enthrone their illegality. If they are not satisfied with the way the judge has worked, there are procedural channels they can follow, instead of going to the press to castigate judges and make mockery of competent orders and judgements of courts. The attitude of Of the group clearly shows that there’s a hidden agenda behind the frivolous attack on Justice Nwanbunike.

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“When rascals want to take over a party, the true party members do not keep quiet or resort to rascality. They look up to law. That is why we have checks and balances in our system. We are in court for the court to decide. We are doing what law abiding citizens should do.”

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