Anambra Shooting: Lessons Every Igbo Person Should Learn From The Incident

Anambra Shooting

Just few days ago, there was protest from unidentified mobs. Which lead to burning of police station and destruction of properties in igbokwu, anambra state. All this was as a result of altercations between a some policemen and a motorcyclist that was allegedly caught riding his motorcycle at odd hour and he was allegedly shot dead by some policemen as they wanted to confiscate his motorcycle. It was this sad incident that triggered chaos in anambra state of which the state government have put in some efforts to resolve the matter. So, in respect to that, there are some key lesson we must learn from it so that such incidents won’t happened again.

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They are state as follows:

1. Peacefully talk out any issue you may be having with the security operatives on any occurrences, never fight or try to struggles with them. They armed with weapons, of which they can make use of it when they feel challenged or disrespected. Whenever you meet a security operatives, greet them politely, engage them in a calm manner and introduce yourself. If they demand that you should come with them to the station or perhaps they want to put you under arrest. Everything is not by struggle, you can follow them willingly. You should also request to speak to their officer in charge and remember to contact your relatives about your whereabouts. 


2. When troubling issues arise and if the whole thing is kind of becoming embarrassing to you, we have various agencies in Nigeria that can take of that and look into it in such a way that all the security operatives involved will be brought to book and penalized. Whenever you encounter things like brutality, maltreatment and embarrassing moment with security operatives, don’t struggle with them to claiming your rights, just file your complaints to the appropriate agencies with the names, location and details of what happened. 

3. Get involved with your union and be actively part of them. At times they may even be the ones that would channel any complaints or perhaps draw the attention of the state government over such related issues. Remember that unity would always stands and prevail. 

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All these are to prevent incidents that may lead to lose of life. We also pray that such incidents won’t happened again. Life is so precious to be loss under such circumstances. So, wisdom has to be apply when dealing with armed personal. 

Hope you learn something from this article ?

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