Anambra State Needs Someone Meticulous

Someone who is meticulous pays extreme attention to details and such a person spends money prudently. That is the kind of man Ndi Anambra need.

A meticulous person is Good governance compliant which is about being accountable to the citizens.
Anambra state needs a Governor that gets first hand information eg he inspects projects himself and not by proxy.

His Excellency Peter Obi was very meticulous in spending, that he saved huge sums before he left office and Anambrarians have been yearning for a consolidation of the successes recorded during his time.

Dr GODWIN MADUKA fits in properly. His meticulous habit is not in doubt. Dr Maduka was able to build six first class hospitals in Las Vegas and is managing them excellently because of his meticulous nature.

That not withstanding someone who is not meticulous cannot be a Professor in three fields of sciences(Professor of Medicine, Professor of Pharmacology and Professor of Anaesthesiology)

This is one of the attributes Anambrarians will be looking out for, in our next Governor. Dr Godwin Maduka’s many years of meticulous preparations earned him an award of Excellence from United States Parliament(US Senate and House of Representatives).

Dr Godwin Maduka will be meticulous in governing Anambra State just like he has been meticulous in impacting positively on lives across the world.

#Righttime .

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