Any Money You Found In France And UK Is Not Abacha Loot Says Kemi Olunloyo

Kemi Olunloyo

There have been news and update , I which US released Abacha loot money to Nigeria , another news came up that they’ve found another loot in France .

Finally Kemi Olunloyo the amazing journalist have spoken , she said all the loot found in France and UK is not Abacha loot ! Surprised ? Yes , I’m surprised too , because that’s is what all of us believed , we probably don’t know what she see or know to go against it.

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“Any money u found in France and UK is NOT Abacha loot. It is Diezani loot. Goodluck and Ngozi are trying to keep their legacy clean. Alison-Madueke allegedly stole that oil money. She has assets hidden everywhere. Stop soiling Abacha’s name. Even Buhari knows the truth


Positevely , some of her Twitter followers give their opinion :

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