Any Party That Presents A Yoruba Christian Candidate For President Would Lose Woefully – MURIC warns


The Director of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), Professor Ishaq Akintola issued these statements while lamenting the gross marginalization of Muslims in the south west by their Christian counterparts.

Even though preparations for the forthcoming General Elections in Nigeria in which a new president to pilot the affairs of the country would be elected is yet to hit top gear, some recent happenings in the country can be said to have connection(s) with the 2023 elections.

Religion is a major factor in determining who rules the country. Going by recent happenings in the country, cankerworms of religious sentiments which had earlier eaten deep into our fabrics as a nation has resurfaced in order to continue its damage. Consequently, some citizens now “want” the emergence of a Christian as the next president come 2023.

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But Professor Ishaq Akintola “feels” the emergence of a Christian president from the south west would do Muslims more harm than good. According to him, Christians in the south west are noted for downplaying the rights of their Muslim counterparts.

Citing the Hijab crises witnessed in some parts of the region recently, Professor Akintola attributed the incident to “trampling on Allah-given fundamental human rights”. He also cited the refusal to allow Shari’a Law to operate in the south west as another example. He opined that Muslims in the south west would be confined to slavery should a Yoruba Christian emerge as the president of the nation.

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Professor Akintola also stated that Yoruba Christians had produced two Heads of States in persons of Olusegun Obasanjo and Ernest Shonekan. At the moment, the Vice President is a Yoruba Christian. Going by the records, Akintola noted, no Muslim in the south west has had the opportunity of being in the center of power.

Excerpts of his statements on this issue is presented below for your reading pleasure.

“We, therefore, reiterate our position: on Yoruba Muslim president, we stand unless the presidency is not zoned to the South West. To give the position to a Yoruba Christian is to sentence Muslims in Yorubaland to a life of perpetual slavery. Our Christian neighbours have not learnt the art of living and letting live.

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Therefore message to the political parties is this: any party that gives the presidential slot to a Christian candidate in the South West will lose woefully”.

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