APC Most Corrupt Government Since 1960 Independence

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Buhari never fought corruption, instead he came to power to get revenge on his so called enemies

If I am wrong let him prove it by telling us who owns the billions found in ikoyi
Let buhari jail Governor Ganduje

Let buhari jail the pension thief Maina

Let buhari all efcc investigate Amaechi from looting rivers state when he was governor

Let buhari allow effc investigate the money laundering going in Lagos State via Alphabeta LLC

Let buhari tell us how people in the presidency used his family name to purchase 9mobile and Keystone bank

Let buhari tell us where his wife Aisha got N25 billion that her aide stole , isn’t that Nigeria’s money that can be used to build schools, roads , hospitals and pay salaries?

Let buhari allow efcc investigate Akpabio for looting Akwa ibom when he was the governor

Let buhari allow efcc investigate NNPC granting contracts worth $25 billion without due process

If buhari in is trully fighting corruption let him order NNPC to open there books for external auditing

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If buhari is fighting corruption let him allow efcc question his inlaw Abbu kyari who was fingered in money laundering of over N20 billion two months ago

if buhari is fighting corruption let him explain how come despite increasing fuel price to N145 he claimed he was stopping subsidy payments yet he has paid over N3 trillion in just three years , when pdp didn’t pay that amount in 16 years without increasing fuel.price so what is going on?

If buhari is fighting corruption let him carry out a free and open national census let us see how many people actually live in Nigeria and compare that against his subsidy payments

If buhari is fighting corruption let him explain how come he claimed he has boosted agriculture yet United Nations and world Bank said by next year Nigeria will be the world’s largest importer of rice? So where are all the imaginary rice farmers who he said he empowered? Or is Nigeria now exporting rice and importing double the amount we export?

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If buhari is truly fighting corruption why is he not respected for his anti corruption fight internationally? It’s obvious the international community know better.

If he is doing well why had no international government declared support for his re-election like how they did in 2015? Not one government has come out to say “Nigeria will be better off if buhari continues as president” just like they were doing back in 2015 when even the American president declared support for him, same with the British PM or the German Chancellor

If buhari is fighting corruption why did he put his daughter as a board member of NNPC ? Why?

No wonder he can’t order NNPC to open their books

If buhari is fighting corruption why is he not addressing the expenses of his $1 billion loan to fight book Haram? How was the money spent ? Yet we are seeing videos everyday of our soldiers crying or not having weapons!

If buhari is fighting corruption why didn’t he order an investigation into Magu the efcc chairman who had been fingered by so many sources are being a condition pipe of money laundering for his inlaw Kyari?

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Why did DSS report state clearly that Magu is unfit to be the efcc chairman due to failing several integrity tests yet buhari went on to endorse him?

If buhari is fighting corruption why did he not allow efcc investigate the IG on money laundering charges ?

If buhari is not corrupt why create a yearly budget for health care and yet he goes abroad for all medical issues meaning the minister of health is incompetent.. so where does our yearly health budget go?

If buhari is not corrupt why float the naira against the dollar when you know you don’t have a thriving local industry to booster your currency? So who is benefiting from this floating of the naira against the dollar ? The parallel market operators? Who runs this dollar dollar market in Nigeria?

You know the answer to that question

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