APGA Guber Frontliner Akachukwu Nwankpo Speaks On Insecurity


“I come with a 15-year experience of dealing with and managing conflicts, violence and insecurity across the Niger Delta states. So, I understand what it means. From that harrowing experience, I understand that security is not an issue of guns and muscles. Security is obtained by order. When a community wants to be secure, that community must respond to order and orderliness is not just an attitude that is meant for the criminal. It’s total in the environment. For example, if you are going to any part of the state and you see a little bomb on the road and people are jumping all over the place and there is chaos everywhere even among the drivers trying to escape the area. That is insecurity. It is such little behaviour that transmits to other aspects of life and then manifests perhaps in gun-toting and lack of confidence in the overall system.”

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Speaking further;

“So, for me, it’s a problem. But how to deal with it is that orderliness has to drop from the top to the bottom. As the governor or president, you cannot be reckless and expect the citizens to be orderly. Yes, when you live by example and get every other person in the system to respect the rule of law, you would have established an orderly society and it spreads. Let the rules work.” He concluded

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