APGA Guber Ticket: The David And Goliath

APGA Guber Ticket: The David And Goliath


“Without mincing words,the coast is increasingly becoming clearer ahead of the governorship primary election. And from all indications, critical permutations, Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo has been, apparently favoured, despite the odds to clinch the ticket of the APGA at the party primaries. The “David” of the APGA, will no doubt get the positive nod of the real party faithfuls, who would rather have him as the best choice candidate largely due to his astute leadership qualities, unblemished records, adjudged electability, and acceptability.

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“Nwankpo’s delectable mein, civility, and humility is self evident, his respect for the party structures, leadership and constitutional principles have endeared him to the APGA party loyalists, and foot soldiers. Unequivocally, The governorship ticket appears to be hanging between the Goliath(Soludo) and David(Nwankpo).”

APGA will Get it right! The Game is Still Open!

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