Appearances And Morality In Schools

By Uche Nworah

A mild drama ensued at Queens College, Lagos yesterday when a security man turned away this female student for appearing in make-up and eye lashes.

The female student’s mother got involved and this led to some kind of altercation with the security man. Both mother and daughter were sent away with threats that the girl will no longer be allowed back in the school.

Is it proper for a secondary school female student to appear in school like this?

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Does it have any implication on moral standards?

Was the security man right in sending her away?

Was the mother right in getting involved in the matter insisting that her daughter should not be sent back home?

Should the management of Queens College rescind it’s decision to expel the female student?

Does this matter have anything to do with peoples rights and freedom of choices ?

As it concerns us in Anambra state, what are the lessons we can learn from this incident?

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