As Digital Switch Over DSO, Debuts Kano In June

By Abubakar Yusuf.

Since the launch of the second phase of Digital switch Over DSO, powered by the National Broadcasting Commission NBC in Lagos on May 29, in it’s quest to bring Nigeria at par with the on going digitisation of broadcast communication via free TV world over, NBC has not reneged on it’s tentative arrangement to launch the same platform in Kano this month in June,and subsequently Port-Harcourt in River state by July this year 2021.

The aura that greeted the launch of the second phase in Lagos after the first phase was initiated three years ago with Jos,Plateau state and some other states for the pilot scheme, including the FCT, as the desire to acquire the platform in all the states of the federation became a matter of high priority.

With the unique nature of the three states of Lagos,Kano and Port-Harcourt in River state,as well as gradually to other states of the federation, feeling the pulse of free TV between now and the end of 2022.

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Already,the leadership of the commission had embarked on massive awareness and sensitisation of the people of Kano state,the hub of commercial activities in Nigeria on the need to embrace and migrate from pay TV to free TV on digital terrain with positive response and higlhly spirited Kano indigenes towards the program.

Kano State, with it’s natural parlance and proverbial instincts in Hausa language was known for it’s pride status of being ahead of all other states in all activities,with the traditional position in Hausa Language, ‘Ko da Me Ka Zo,An Fi Ka’ Meaning In Translation ‘No Matter What is initiated,Kano Is Ahead Of It’. This is practicable from both the commercial and industrial as well as self sustenance activities of the people of Kano State.

According to another side of the proverb,’The People Of Kano Regards Kano In Hausa Language. ‘Kano,Tum Bin Giwa.’ In Translation, As ‘The Stomach Of An Elephant’.We all know that anything involving an elephant is regarded as extra large.

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It is also believed that In Another Hausa Language Translation, ‘Kano Ba Kano Ba, Da Jin Allah’. Translation ‘Kano Is Not Only Known By It’s Mere Name Or Nomenclature,But God’s Own Farm.’ When a place is regarded as God’s own farm,it is believed to be characterised with divine blessings.

With all these traits and characteristics,it is already in the public domain,that Kano state known for it’s tradition, indigenous disposition towards responding to both the affluence and the proletariats,in line with the ideals of moving Kano state from analogue status to a digital world.

Since Kano state is known for indigenous activities and the DSO is geared towards developement of local contents,artists and small scale businesses,it will be a good trend to encourage developement of our indigenous companies wholly producers of STBs, in line with foreign partnership and manufacturerers.

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The invention of Digital Terrestrial Television DTT into Kano state will attract large subscription as the people of the area believed in both affluence and average lives, giving the concept of the new platform that will be a free TV subscription, compared to pay TV as subscribers are expected to pay as low as 1,500 per annum.

With the forthcoming launch in Kano by June 10 ,it is expected by the end of the year,when DSO must have successfully debuted Lagos,Kano, Port-Harcourt, and other parts of the country ,millions of Nigerians must have migrated from analogue platform to digital switch over DSO.

The positive developement by the NBC Management will actuallise and possibly put of the streets of Nigeria,the growing rate of unemployment put at O.33% by NBS,as well as 10 million poverty line, including positive impact on the Gross Domestic Product GDP of Nigeria.

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