Barr Chris Okewulonu Needs To Be Adored With A Lecture Series In Obowo

By Jimogu, S. C, MNPA

Every good student of history and Political education will always appreciate to hear the name Barr Chris Okewulonu or Okewulonu’s dynasty.

The dynasty of Okewulonu’s have housed two strong voices that history had reckoned with their antecedents flying and hovering around the globe. These voices cannot be neglected, even enemies and oppositions testified that these guru’s are Worthy of note as long as human race exist.

The likes of chief Emma Okewulonu (Ikeoha) and Barr Chris Okewulonu (Ebekuo Dike) have taken every page of Obowo political and economic discussions. These two brothers have stood out from the crowd based on their activities and style of life, they have distinguished themselves across board.

However, this article will throw more light why Barr Chris Okewulonu should be adored yearly with a lecture series. An event that it’s sustainability is already drawing men and women of impact who had indicated interest towards the sustainability of this incoming lecture series which is to commence soon.

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Barr Chris Okewulonu as a figure in Imo and Nigeria politics has made contributions too hard for detractors to deny. These evidences have already been approved by all, I mean those who are slave of truth.

Since 1999 till January, 2020, Barr Chris Okewulonu has humanely contributed to the growth of the society and had generously touched lives. He has continued to be relevant day in and out.

The list of people he empowered is infinite. Those he connected are overwhelmed. No discussion in Obowo today between two or three that Okewulonu will not be mentioned in a positive direction. He has continued to maintain a clean slate in corrupt activities, despite being favoured and blessed with fortunes. Very careful in Political administration.

Barr Chris Okewulonu has attracted legion of contracts in his entire life for the sake of obowo and her citizens. He hold a strong voice when it comes to government activities and governance.

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He attracted roads project like Aguneze – isinweke, Ogbotoukwu – Odenkume – Orieagu roads. In the seven months administration of Ihedioha, he attracted four roads(RAMP) for Obowo, before Ihedioha’s administration was terminated. He also attracted the Ogwohoroanya – Avutu – Umunachi road within this short stay in office.

All the sons and daughters of Obowo who were gainfully employed via the ministry of works during Udenwa’s administration was made possible through him. Very many of them who were in different ministries today are traceable to Barr Chris Okewulonu.

Similarly, the short-lived administration of Ihedioha cannot be overemphasized. Obowo sons and daughters were favoured with different appointments, courtesy of Barr Chris Okewulonu.

Honestly, he has done well and I want to assure him and the entire Okewulonu dynasty that history has imbued his worthiness, therefore the need for this accolade of ” lecture series” for his sake. To be frank, this lecture series will be organized yearly to mark the good work of Barr Chris Okewulonu in Obowo. It will be an event for Obowo people across political divides, to celebrate Barr Chris Okewulonu. It will be a gathering of the professionals, academia, business owners, religious and Political leaders and entire Obowo citizens.

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Above all, as Barr Chris Okewulonu is being celebrated for his goodwill, I call on our sons and daughters in government in the name of; Hon. Febian Ihekweme, Hon. Love Ineh, Hon. Kennedy Ibe, Hon. Chike Okafor, Hon. Onyebuchi and host of others to please imitate a trail Blazer like Barr Chris Okewulonu, so that in the years to come, the dreams of our forefathers must be accomplished.

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