Bayelsa Councilor Who Used Money For Official Cars To Build Bridge In Her Constituency Says She’s Motivated By Criticism

Bayelsa Councilor Who Used Money For Official Cars To Build Bridge

Hon. Onem Tyna is the Councilor representing Ward Two In Ogbia Local Government Area Of Bayelsa State.

She recently completed a link bridge in her constituency, using her grant for official cars, in order to ease movement and transportation for her people. She spoke to Uchenna Okoro.

QuestionWhat motivated you to join politics as a woman?

Sincerely I never loved nor wanted to partake in politics. But I was moved by the suffering and yearning of my people for a better life.

Question: It is on record that such project have never been carried out by your predecessors, why did you have to go that far using your car grant to carry out the project?

am from Ogbia Local Government Area in Bayelsa State and ever since I grew into an adult, we’ve never had any developmental projects in the area. No project geared towards youths involvement and participation.

I felt I am that voice my people seek and I was persuaded by good friends to give the Councillorship a trial. It later became a reality.

Over the years, far before I grew into adulthood, I have lived and watch my people passed through great suffering all in the name of transportation of goods produced in their community.

I honestly wanted to change that story and effect a sincere change. But was able to realize this when our progressive Governor Douye Diri awarded official cars for Councillors. I already had that bridge in mind as my capital project for my people but the funds weren’t enough.

So, I decided to collect the money meant for my car to augment fund for the project to ensure its success.

Question: What are you passionate about as a councillor?

My passion is my people and nothing more. I was moved by their suffering and entered politics to give them a better life.

Questions: So far how has the experience been since you became a councilor?

My experience in government hasn’t been fun, but am waxing stronger and it’s been due to God’s support.

I am not a born politician but am learning on the job. But one good experience I have had is just being real and good to everyone.

Question: How do you feel now having accomplished the project dear to you?

“Honestly, I feel very satisfied and happy that I was able to achieve this vision. My joy knows no bound seeing my people moving freely and going about their businesses comfortably. I feel really happy.

Question : Tell us how the governor reacted to what you have done for your people.

I never anticipated I would be meeting Governor Douye and lots of personalities. But my utmost driving force is my people, nothing more.

My governor has been very supportive and has been lending hands of fellowship to those who share in his vision of transforming Bayelsa State.

He has been more like a father and a role model. I admire and look up to him.

Question: How have you been coping with the stress of politics?

It’s never been easy at all. Traveling from my place to the council secretariat and attending to my ward and more. Indeed it’s demanding.

I take it as a call to duty for my people and I don’t allow the demands and work load bring me down.

The truth is people still criticise you and say you’re doing nothing and at times it weakens one. But I have come to understand that there would always be such critics no matter what you do.

Such people even motivate me to go all the way out and perform.

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