BbNaija2019 Week 9: Intrigues As Housemates Fear Eviction

BbNaija 2019 Week 9 Eviction

It’s been a Topsy-turvy week for the BBNaija housemates who have been drilled and put into pressure as they contest for the ultimate prize of N60m.

Khafi won a N5m worth of car from Innoson motors and has also won the head of house after her man, Gedoni was evicted last Sunday.

She’s been all tears and has been finding ways to keep calm whenever she’s alone. Whenever she sees Mercy and Ike cuddling, it reminded her the time she spent with Gedoni in the house. This made her chose the dreaded Tacha to share her room after she won the HoH challenge. That position would have been for Gedoni but the eviction didn’t let it be.

These are some of the highlights of this week’s happenings in the house while the housemates wait for who would go home next in the eviction show this Sunday.

Gedoni Sends Strong Message To Khafi

Ekpata Gedoni has sent a love message to Big Brother housemate and London Metropolitan police officer, Khafi Kareem. The 31-year-old was evicted alongside Jackye from the ongoing ‘Pepper Dem’ edition on Sunday after scoring the lowest votes.

He maintained a cool personality for most of his stay in the Big Brother House but generated much discussion due to his romance with Khafi and the love triangle he struck with Venita.

Although, they both have issues to clarify as Gedoni always fail to defend Khafi whenever issues about Venita are raised – and same happened on Sunday when questioned by Ebuka.

With a lot of issues not clarified between Khafi and Gedoni, she was captured shedding tears alone at the garden after Gedoni was sent packing. Khafi has now found comfort with a teddy bear whenever she goes to bed.

Frodd Caught Washing Esther’s Bra Again

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Frodd was recently seen washing his love interest, Esther’s bra, and undies.

This didn’t sit well with Nigerians who expressed their displeasure that the BBNaija contestant stooped so low as to wash the undies of a woman who has no feelings for him. It could be recalled that the former Head of House had made it clear to the investment banker that she was not the perfect woman for him.

Jackye Speaks On ‘Interest’ In Mike, Calls Tacha A ‘Walking Time-Bomb’

Former BBNaija housemate, Jackye, recently had a chat with the host of the show Ebuka. She made some big revelations during the interview.

For one, Jackye opened up on her relationship with Mike. She revealed that she had no deep, romantic feelings for the British entrepreneur. According to the beautiful woman, he was just like a big brother to her in the house.

Jackye also said that she interacted more with Mike because his intellectual strength was higher than that of other housemates. Even more, she urged people to do away with the mind set that, as a lady, being friends with a married man is the same as having feelings for him.

Leaving this topic, Jackye expressed her dislike for Tacha whom she called a walking time-bomb. According to her, Tacha has a bad energy that prevents anyone from successfully having a conversation with her. About the whole rumour of Khafi and Gedoni being intimate, Jackye debunked it and said that it is not exactly true.

Ike Should Have Saved Esther Instead Of Omashola – Seyi Reveals

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Seyi, has expressed disappointment over Ike’s decision to save Omashola from possible eviction this week.

Frodd, Esther, Tacha, Cindy, Sir Dee and Venita have been nominated for possible eviction this week.

The housemates were nominated after an arena game challenge between two groups, the Enigma and the Legends, which had the former emerge as winner.

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The two groups were told to move cotton balls to a plate using a spoon. The group with the most cotton balls in their plate emerged winner.

Ike who has the Veto power saved Omashola and replaced him with Cindy.

Seyi after the arena challenge disagreed with Ike over his decision to save Omashola. According to him, Ike should have saved Esther because Omashola has fans from Nigeria and South Africa.

Seyi said: “I disagree with Ike’s decision to save Omashola from eviction. He should have saved Esther who does not have fans. “Omashola has fans from Nigerians and South Africa.”

Venita, Afraid Of Eviction?

Venita was nominated for eviction alongside Frodd, Esther, Tacha, Cindy and Sir Dee. The housemates were nominated after an arena game challenge between two groups, the Enigma and the Legends which had the former emerge as winner. Venita speaking to Seyi and Elozonam after arena challenge said she is scared of eviction on Sunday and the reality outside the house.

“I’m afraid of reality, eviction is scary in this house.

“I don’t know what people outside think about me. Emotionally I’m not stable and I feel so tensed.

“I believe more than one housemate is leaving this Sunday, but If Africa decides to save me, I would understand that a lot is on my shoulder,” Venita said.

I Will Limit My Pride, I Don’t Have A Sugar Daddy – Tacha Reveals

Tacha has disclosed how she built her brand on social media before the reality show. She told Khafi how she got her first money to start her brand from her twin and how since then, she has worked for every penny she has.

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According to her, that is the reason she does not play around.

“Every money I spend, I work for it, even the least money to buy bottled water, if I don’t work, I wouldn’t get.

“I don’t have any sugar daddy or anyone I can call or run to if I’m broke, unlike some people.

“So I don’t joke with my brand on social media,” she explained.

Also, Tacha has promised to be on a good behaviour henceforth in the reality show. She made the promise on Monday while speaking to Sir Dee following strikes issued her by Big Brother. Biggie on Sunday evening issued Tacha a second strike for disobeying BBNaija rules and undermining authorities. Big Brother had gathered the housemates in the lounge and played several videos of Tacha’s disrespect to Ebuka and fellow housemates.

While warning her, he said, “A last strike will get you disqualified from the reality show.”

Tacha who seemed to be remorseful about her second strike told Sir Dee on Monday evening that she feels she has been optimistic in a wrong way and would henceforth turn a new leaf.

She said: “I know my flaws, I know my transgressions, I am human and I am sorry if I hurt anyone.

“I’ve been so optimistic maybe in a rude way, that’s an irresistible part of me.

”I will limit my bravery, chain my pride and strength.”

– At the end of the week, at least one of the housemates leaves the house depending on viewers’ votes.

– This week, Tacha, Venita, Cindy, Frodd, Esther, and Sir Dee have been put up for possible eviction. Gedoni and Jackye were the housemates evicted from the show last week. Who would go home this Sunday?

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