Breaking: Another 754 Italians died due to coronavirus

The deadly coronavirus has spread unceremoniously in Italy. Death procession is not stopping in the country. Italy is crying, COVID-19 kills hundreds of lives every day. According to Sunday, 29th March data, 756 people died of coronavirus in Italy in the last 24 hours. The death toll in the country stands at 10779. A further 5217 people have been infected. At present, the total number of people affected is 97,689.

Italy’s civil defense department said the information. According to the department data, 646 of the people suffering from coronavirus in the country have returned home in the last 24 hours. There are 3906 people in critical condition at the moment. Of these, 1328 are in Greater Lombardia. Only 416 people have died in Lombardia in one day on Sunday. An average of 24,504 coronaviruses are being tested every day in Italy. So far 454,030 people have been tested for coronavirus in the country.

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Netherlands withdrew Chinese mask due to poor quality

Netherlands withdraws 600,000 security masks taken from China for lack of quality. These masks were given in different hospitals. According to the BBC News. In the Netherlands, the country’s health ministry told AFP that 13,00,000 masks arrived here on March 21. Of these, 600,000 masks are distributed among health workers in different hospitals. But these masks do not cover the entire face, but some mask filters are faulty.

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The ministry said in a statement that the remaining shipments had been postponed. And the masks that are in their hands will not be distributed. In the meantime, 771 people have died of coronavirus in the Netherlands. The number of people infected with the virus is currently 10,866 in this country of 1,70,000,000 people.

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