Breaking: Hurricane Dorian lands in North Carolina

ABC News Good Morning America has reported the arrival of Hurricane Dorian in North Carolina.

The storm made landfall along Cape Hatteras Friday morning as the state’s low-lying islands and waterfront communities brace for flash flooding and dangerous storm surge.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper warned residents who didn’t heed earlier evacuation warnings to stay indoors and “hunker down” until the storm passes.

“Hurricane Dorian is ready to unleash its fury on our state,” Cooper said Thursday.

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Over 330,000 homes and businesses were without power across the Carolinas Friday morning as a result of the storm, now a Category 1 hurricane.

One storm-related death struck North Carolina before Dorian’s arrival. An 85-year-old man died after falling off a ladder while preparing his Columbus County home for the storm, Cooper said Wednesday.

Dorian is expected to dump up to 8 inches of rain in northeast North Carolina through Saturday, with as much as 15 inches of total rainfall accumulating in isolated locations. The combination of downpours and storm surge as high as 7 feet could cause life-threatening flash floods.

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