Breaking!!Lagos On Fire, Yorubas In Mighty Trouble

 Arewa Youths Consultative Forum

Northern Youths, on the aegis of the Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, AYCF, have reacted to the alleged humiliation of Northerners in Lagos by Task Force.
The AYCF in a statement signed and made available to Journalists, on Monday, by Alhaji Yerima Shettima, its National President, claimed that Northerners who are in the South-West State to earn their living, were being attacked and humiliated by the State’s Task Force.
The AYCF, said that it has reliably gathered that the Lagos Task Force Officials have been invading homes of Northerners in Lagos, in ungodly hours of the night, and carting away with motorcycles, while forcefully abducting the occupants and hauling them into detention.
The statement added: “Our attention has been drawn to an ongoing brigandage in Lagos, against innocent Northerners who are in Lagos, to earn their living legitimately. We reliably gathered that using a gestapo style, the Lagos Task Force Officials have been invading homes of Northerners in Lagos, in ungodly hours of the night, and carting away motorcycles, while forcefully abducting the occupants and hauling them into detention.
“We dare say we have not seen this kind of impunity against Northerners in recent years.
“It is even strange that this is coming from the South-West, a region that expects the North to hand over the 2023 Presidency to its own.
“We have reason to now wonder if the South-West truly expects the North to make it a successor in 2023.”
Consequently, the AYCF declared as follows:
“We find totally unacceptable the use of force to invade the homes of Northerners, in the wee hours of the night, and ‘arresting’ them for no reasons.

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“We are not aware of any law by Lagos State Government banning Okada, even though we know that restrictions have been imposed on Okada  in selected Lagos communities.
“It istherefore, imperative that the either the Lagos State Government or the Task Force explain the legal and Constitutional basis for this action.
“It was very touching when we saw the Task Force Officials raiding homes with majority of Northerners, in Oshodi area, in the wee hours of the night.
“We demand immediate explanation for this humiliating operation; let either the Lagos State Government tell the world that it officially sanctioned this gestapo operation, or it was the instruction of the Task Force boss, that we are seeing this physical assault on our people.
“We are deeply disturbed by this rather uncivilised conduct in the 21st century, happening in a supposedly cosmopolitan city like Lagos.

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“We gathered that the people in many Northern States are already tensed up by the news filtering out of Lagos, since Thursday, through Saturday.
“And we dare say this kind of tension in the North, has very often been a precursor to revenge attacks. Something drastic must be done to avoid a recurrence of past security challenges, caused by the humiliation of Northerners in Lagos.
“We call on President Buhari to take drastic steps in ensuring this impunity by the Lagos State Government or Task Force, is halted immediately.
“We call on all Security Agencies, to take immediate steps in averting a situation capable of destabilising the country.
“Northerners, like other Nigerians, have every right to movement for trade anywhere in the country, as guaranteed by the constitutional provision on freedom of movement.
“Most importantly, we call for the immediate release from prison, all the innocent Northerners whose homes were raided in the ungodly hour by Task Force Officials.

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“This, in our candid view, will be the first step in ensuring justice for the innocent Northerners. Why haul them into detention, in defiance of well-known constitutional provisions or the rule of law in general?
“We wish to reiterate that any further attempt to humiliate innocent Northerners in any part of this country, will be resisted by our group, with all the available legal and constitutional weapons.
“In a balanced world, institutions are created for tackling problems, but not in the manner the Lagos State Government through the Task Force, is currently doing to our own people.
“It is therefore, a smear on decorum, disrespectful of human dignity, and a brazen abuse of Official powers. And this is totally unacceptable. Whoever has ear, let him hear.
“Enough of this physical assault on innocent Northerners in Lagos, we so warn!”

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