#Buhari Must Resign !!!!!!!

The current Nigerian crisis from herdsmen killing & kidnap, boko haram insurgency, executive abuse of power, degradation of economy, mass migration out of the country, ethnic tensions across the country & a failed political system both in elections, sharing of resources & circulating political power.. ..etc

In my own campaign is #Buhari must resign.
his administration has woefully failed in its primary function of securing of life & property..
I support Sowores revolution. but a more leftist view that the protest should be more about him tending his resignation that another violence..
Nigerians are now endangered species in their own land & the clueless slowpoke in power will only continue to make press statements of condolence, insulting the Nigerian youths, tightening security & saying next level.

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& am not in favour of atiku..
PDP & APC can’t move Nigeria forward ..I don’t have to wait for another 6 years under APC leadership to know that it will only get worse.

.let another competent person be put there but not from APC or PDP
.The 1999 constitution scrapped.
.A regional/federating system of Government put in place

my own revolution is that #Buhari must resign..
it should have been a referendum call not revolution to say but either is fine with me as long as Buhari isn’t there

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many can call me a wailer .I don’t mind as long as I speak not for the cowards, scorners, keypad APC & pdp sects & outright foolish individuals living in self denial but for that common man in the street you pass by daily, that only widow with now no husband/children, that dead body & counting because of insecurity, that sick person denied access to health service because of hospital bill or that little child you see in the sun, from morning to evening hanging by the road waiting for you as you drive by on travel running & screaming you buy his wares, & many more..
#Buhari must resign 
a referendum campaign

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