10 Business Ideas To Start With 100K In Nigeria (Complete Guide)

Today’s article has provided you with the complete step by step guide on the 10 business ideas to start with 100K in Nigeria. So if your worried about What kind of business can I start with 100k in Nigeria or perhaps What business can I start with 200k in Nigeria then worry no more because all you have ever wanted has been provided already just in one place for you. One of the business to start with 100k to 500k in Nigeria include organic drink production and sales business.

There are so many people come to me asking for business ideas that can be started for less than $100,000 because I work at an entrepreneurship support agency. It occurred to me that a thousand other people with no money or savings might be in the same situation. So right below you will be shown 10 Best business to start with 100k in 2021

This led me to compile 10 business ideas that may be started for less than 100,000 Naira. An honest, hard-working person with good customer service abilities can turn 100,000 Naira into millions in a matter of months.


10 Business Ideas To Start With 100k in Nigeria

1.     Organic Drink Production And Sales:

Because of the alarming increase in the number of people suffering from stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure, people are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of processed foods and drinks. As a result, there has been a steady shift away from soft drinks and toward naturally produced beverages and fruit juices that are free of sugar and chemicals.

As a result, anyone who enters the business of manufacturing and selling organically derived beverages stands to benefit handsomely. Natural drinks such as smoothies, fura da nunu, tiger nut drink, and freshly produced fruit juice are examples of what may be found in nature.

2.      Phone Charging Business

It is no longer news that maintaining a reliable and consistent electricity supply in Nigeria is a difficult task. Your target client for this business is not people who have access to alternate sources of energy, but rather those who do not have such access. As a result, while selecting a site for your company, this should be taken into consideration.

Phone Charging Business is one of the 10 business ideas to start with 100K in Nigeria. This business requires only a power source as well as a large wooden board with a large number of switches to accommodate a large number of telephones.

As corpers have nowhere to charge their phones and are willing to pay any price to have their phones charged, the NYSC camp is an excellent site for this business idea to succeed. In addition to urban areas, rural areas are viable places for this type of business.

3.  Production Of Organic Skincare Products

Organic skincare products have been increasingly popular in recent years. Everyone wants to use organic skincare products since people have become more aware of the detrimental impacts of inorganic chemicals in cosmetics and skincare products.

As long as you have the products and containers, starting a skincare business is a relatively reasonable endeavor to pursue. Containers can be obtained from Ojota market, which is located in Lagos, for people who are based in the city.

Because organic skincare items are typically high-demand consumer goods, you can start making money from your first batch of handcrafted bath soap, body cream, body scrub, and other products as soon as they are produced and sold. On YouTube and Instagram, you may find instructional videos on how to produce these things.

4.  Production And Sales Of Bed sheet And Pillowcase

Every home should have at least one or two bed sheets, and some families may have as many as five or more bed sheets, depending on the size of their household.

As a result, it is impossible to enter this industry without making a splash. What do you require to get started? You must purchase high-quality materials in quantity and then hand them over to a reputable tailor who will sew the pieces together to form a bed sheet and pillowcase. Upon that, you can sell your items on social media or through your company website.

5.     Laundry/Dry Cleaning Services

Considering the stress of a 9-to-5 job, or the entrepreneur’s constant rushing around to ensure that the business runs properly, is enough to exhaust the body. Weekends are for spending time with family and unwinding before the rigors of the following week. Given their hectic schedules, the majority of individuals will not object to paying for this service.

To begin, reach out to families who are in need of this service, so that you can serve as many families as possible in the short term. Depending on how you package yourself, you can expect to receive anywhere from N3000 to N10,000 from each household.

All you need to get started in the dry cleaning business is a small washing machine and an iron, which are both inexpensive. You can start with a minimal budget and then scale up as your business expands.

6.     E-payments/POS Business (Agent Banking)

Did you know that some people despise the idea of going to an ATM or a financial institution such as bank? To them, it simply appears to be a severe punishment. In spite of the fact that they are charged a transaction fee, people choose to walk into a nearby e-payment outlet to conduct their banking operations.

You can work as a banking agent and own an e-payment outlet if you so choose. Go to any bank of your choice and fill out an application to become one of the bank’s agents in order to become an agent. After completing the registration process, you would be provided with a POS machine. While some banks provide their point of sale equipment for free, others charge a nominal fee for it.

E-payments/POS Business is one of the 10 business ideas to start with 100K in Nigeria and its very lucrative.

7.     Grilling Business

As long as I can remember, Suya (locally grilled cow meat), which is primarily produced by the Hausa people, has been a favorite of mine and my family. Even now, children and adults alike continue to yearn for this delectable treat.

We must accept that grilled fish, chicken (barbeque), goat meat (asun), and other types of meat are gaining popularity in the market, despite the fact that Suya is the best player.

Most importantly, grilling any of these “protein” items is not limited to mallams (such as Suya), since anyone can enter the business of grilling and selling these delicacies to the general public.

Aside from setting up a permanent booth, you can grill at events such as parties, dinners, birthdays, and other gatherings to earn some extra income. This company requires nothing more than a griller, the necessary “protein,” and a variety of seasonings.

8.     Barber’s Shop

Males and females who loves keeping their hair low must have their hair trimmed or clipped on a regular basis. A barber’s business is a must for each man who wants his hair cut or mustache shaved. You can’t go wrong with this company concept because there is a ready market for it.

Start the business with just a store, clippers and small combs as well as sterilizers, generators, and other equipment. Depending on the area, this won’t cost more than 100,000 Naira.

9.   Pop Corn Production And Sales

There are many things in this world I’m thankful for, including popcorn. It is adored by people of all ages, sexes, and backgrounds. You can’t go to the movies without popcorn.

As a result, you will not go wrong pursuing this business opportunity. For a small-scale operation, all you need is fresh, moist corn, a popcorn machine, sugar, salt, butter, and any other flavors you want to incorporate.

Anyone can start this business and make cool cash from it. its also one of the 10 business ideas to start with 100K in Nigeria.

10. Football Viewing Center

Its really amazing to see a football fan going to any extent just to ensure that they can see their club, country, or favorite player on the field. They can risk their last kobo on it. Therefore, to be honest with you, this is 0one of the important business idea one should think of due to the large number of football fans around the world.

The only equipment you will need to establish a football viewing center business is a good site, a generator, a flat-screen television with a resolution of at least 32 inches, and a Dstv or Gotv decoder. You can even make some extra money by selling cooled drinks and grilled ‘protein’ in your viewing center to visitors.

These business ideas described above can all be launched with less than $100,000 in capital. Ideas can be found everywhere, but putting them into action is always a struggle. If you require assistance in developing a business model for any of these concepts, please contact us.

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In Summary:

That has been it on 10 Business Ideas To Start With 100K In Nigeria. And if your wondering about, what business can i start with 50,000 naira in Nigeria or What business can I start with 100k as a Student and also What business can I start with 150k in Nigeria then know that Phone Charging Business, Production Of Organic Skincare Products, Production And Sales Of Bed sheet And Pillowcase, E-payments/POS Business (Agent Banking) and so many are those kinds of business ideas to Start With 100K In Nigeria.

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