Can IPOB Assault A ”Tinubu” in Germany?

As my name indicates, I am a GermanNig (of Igbo origin, I might add); I have lived LEGALLY in Germany since 2005. I left Nigeria LEGALLY to study in Germany and things have been great for me since then. I am also a veteran of Nairaland, having joined since 2007. I want to speak briefly on the assault on Ekweremadu and the bigger implications for Nigerian politicians visiting foreign countries with significant Diaspora Nigerian presence moving forward. These corrupt politicians come abroad to spend our stolen wealth. They oppress you at home with the money they stole from you. They also want to oppress us abroad with the same money. We abroad are not letting them go scot-free. Assaulting politicians is an acceptable action in many developed countries. However, you may run afoul of the law, depending on the degree and nature of the assault. Politicians have been stoned, egged, knocked or hit in the US, Europe, Australia, Turkey, Ukraine and other places. Ekweremadu was not really beaten to stupor; he was roughened up a little, harassed and stoned. As an Ajibota, he was sweating like a Christmas goat for a little roughening up, when compared to what ordinary Nigerians take from the Nigerian system every passing day. So, what happened to him was no innovation by IPOB; it was an anticipated development, even if new for Nigeria. It did not rise to the level of being against German laws. Therefore, we saw in the interview by the German police in Nuremberg essentially saying case is OVER. Everyone go home.

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The photo below is what Amechi said in 2013. Fast forward to 2019 and the Nigerian leaders are starting to be assaulted not by Nigerians in Nigeria (all of you back home are BLOODY cowards), but by Nigerians (Igbos) abroad. I completely support assaulting them within the ambits of the law of each country. However, I beg IPOB to observe the ”Charity-begins-at-home” mantra. This means that they should only assault Igbo politicians (those found wanting in terms of not representing their people as they should, and stealing public funds). Imagine where the 5 incompetent Igbo governors (and the local govt chairmen) are harassed and pelted anytime they step their feet abroad. They will sit back home and do the job of leading their states to economic greatness. That way, Igbos will not have to migrate en mass abroad.

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This brings me to the question: Can IPOB assault somebody like Tinubu in Germany?

Nigeria is a highly tribalized society. As such, IPOB may be seen as having no ”cultural right” to assault or harass a corrupt Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani or other non-Igbo corrupt politicians. The ethnic perception of the events leading to the Biafra war, in which corrupt leaders of other ethnic groups were rounded up by Nigerians mainly of Igbo extraction, MUST not be repeated by IPOB. For the public assault on Nigerian politicians visiting foreign countries to be effective, each ethnic group must only deal with their own thieves. Imagine IPOB attacking Tinubu in Germany? That will be Biafra War 2.0 accusation from the Yorubas.

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Of course, any Nigerian can verbally attack any political leader, regardless of ethnicity and within the ambit of free speech. IPOB has now set the ball rolling. Let’s see other Nigerians abroad take on their own bad leaders when they visit.

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