Corruption Has Killed Nigeria’s Legal Institution

By Obidike Chukwuebuka,EFCC Ambassador. Like the police, Nigeria’s legal institutions are weak and easily compromised. The destructive effects of corruption extend well beyond the country’s top judges: corruption also affects magistrates, lawyers,... Read more »

Photos: Should Port Harcourt Be Renamed To Shanty City ?

Going by pictures of PH that we have been seeing here for weeks, it won’t out of place if PH is renamed shanty city. Though the city may have some beautiful sites... Read more »

Shadow Boxing Over Emeka Ihedioha

By AMANZE OBI There is something untoward about the Hope Uzodinma administration in Imo State. The government is on a wild goose chase. It is obsessed with the past, and it is... Read more »

Covid-19 Lockdown: Who Is Your Best Governor Since This Pandemic ?

Case statistics of Corona virus On the 13th of May 2020, 184 new confirmed cases and 6 deaths were recorded in Nigeria and no new state has reported a case in the... Read more »

You Will Be Shocked To Find Out That You Do Not Know 99% Of These

You Will Be Shocked To Find Out That You Do Not Know 99% Of These: Do you know that? The River Niger Bridge at Onitsha was constructed between 1964 and 1965 by... Read more »

Buhari’s New Chief Of Staff Is More Dangerous Than Late Abba Kyari

By Ambassador Dapo Fafowora What I have written in this long piece is just some of my personal experience and encounter with him. Everything I have written here is in my memoirs... Read more »

COVID-19: Churches maintain better social distancing than markets, banks— Pastors

The government’s decision to relax the lockdown by allowing some markets, businesses and commercial transporters to operate, while others, including the religious sector, remain shut, has ignited reactions from some pastors. They... Read more »

Covid-19: Gov. Emmanuel Leading The Fight From The Frontline

The whole world has finally come to realize that humanity is threatened by an enemy, who has no respect for life, irrespective of class, religion or race. In the recent count, almost... Read more »

What Could Be Wike’s Ulterior Motives For The Lockdown

Really want to use this platform to hear from others and probably someone might get it right. Rivers state has joined TOTAL LOCKDOWN yesterday, and this lockdown only affects some local Governments... Read more »

Compulsory Use Of Face Masks And Social Distancing

By: Dr Vero Okechukwu. The reality of Coronavirus is still being doubted by many in rural areas of Anambra State. This is very disappointing!!!It explains the fact that our people are still... Read more »

Desperate Buhari Govt Is Still Afraid Of Jonathan’s Popularity

By: Benedict Agu They said He wasn’t a democrat, he proved them wrong by conducting an election that has become a reference point on the continent of Africa today. They said He... Read more »

Arresting Citizens For “Insulting” President Is Unconstitutional And Will Be Challenged By Tope Akinyode

It is sad to note the rising spate of intolerance of public officers. The fact remains that in 2018, President Buhari declared that Nigerian youth are lazy, uneducated and wanting everything free.... Read more »

Who Among This Candidates Will You Vote For In 2023 Presidency ?

Final list for possible Igbo Presidency 2023 candidate from my own perspective is listed below FOR APC PARTY THE 2 TOP Igbo Candidate are as follow 1– Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi — River... Read more »

NDDC: Isaiah 59:19 – that Spirit works in Akpabio!

By Douglas Dodiyi-Manuel Indeed, times have changed, and the youth of this generation are learning and imbibing what may have easily been apostate to the youth of prior generations. In my recent... Read more »

Mr Ibrahim Magu: An Uncommon Patriot

By Obidike ChukwuebukaEFCC Ambassador Nigeria’s effort to extricate itself from the clutches of corruption which has preciously daunted its image before the international community cannot be complete without the recognition of the... Read more »

Why Customs’ rice gift stirs controversy

“The imported rice was poisonous because before coming into the country, it must have spent a minimum of five years in the silos. “A chemical must have been added to sustain its... Read more »

Did Buhari’s Presidential Address Today Inspire You?

Did you feel a positive sense of being a Nigerian after President Buhari’s speech that ended a moment ago? Let’s get your reactions Read more »

Uzodinma’s Litany Of Lies And Audacity Of A Tyrant

By Collins Opurozor I have never been more embarrassed to be an Imo person than today. I listened to the tirade which passed for my Governor’s address after his 100 days in... Read more »

Corruption Is A Cancer That Has Eaten Deeply Into The Fabric of Nigeria Polity

The general global perception about graft in Nigeria is that it is generally acknowledged that corrupt practices are endemic and systemic in both public and private sectors of Nigeria. From the forgoing... Read more »

THROWBACK: “Potatoes wasn’t mentioned in Bible, God didn’t mean for people to eat them” — European Clergymen

As hilarious as this argument sounds, there was actually a time people mounted the pulpit to advanced it. Hear 1843 Magazine; “Spanish conquistadores were the first Europeans to encounter potatoes, in South... Read more »

A Must Read: Best Option For IPOB Members And Nnamdi Kanu Is To Keep Quiet

I know for a fact, that IPOB apologists wouldn’t love this one; oh well, we don’t always have to agree nor love everything. The world is battling a dangerous enemy, and we... Read more »

COVID-19: Can Africa Afford Lockdowns ? By Charles Soludo

This piece summarizes my contribution to an African debate. From Johannesburg to Lagos, Cairo to Dakar, Kinshasa to Kigali, Nairobi to Accra, etc the debate on how Africa should respond to the... Read more »
Hope Uzodinma

Uzodinma’s 100 Days Without JAAC Meeting: Where Is Our N10 Billion ?

By Collins Opurozor The shape which the third tier government in Nigeria today wears was fashioned by the 1976 reforms which among other things provided for funding of local government from three... Read more »

Analyst raises concern over food security post-COVID-19 pandemic

A Financial Analyst, Mr Victor Ndukauba, has raised concern over the looming food security and inflation in the country on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ndukauba, the Deputy Managing Director of Afrinvest... Read more »

Onitsha Fire Outbreak: How Social Media Influencer Saved Lives, and Properties Worth Billions of Naira

Comr Harris Chuma-Odili The concept of “citizen journalism” is fast becoming a viable reality. The rise of the Internet as a ubiquitous source of news and media has led to myriad paradigm... Read more »

The Complacency Of The Less Threatened: Many Faces Of Coronavirus

Fr. Martin Onwudiwe As the world is on its knees breathlessly looking forward to the decline and possibly end of the pandemic, COVID-19 and employing all measures to bringing it to a... Read more »

Anambra Covid-19 Funds, And The Eagle Eye

Comr Harris Chuma-Odili It is truly overwhelming that during these trying times, the support and selflessness of individuals, corporate organisations keep on coming to support Anambra State Government in the fight to... Read more »