Cheating And Lies Are Not The Reason Why Marriages And Relationships End

Marriage is supposed to be a union that should last until death do the both partners apart. And relationship should reach its set goals which often time happens to be marriage. But why do these unions break? There are three main reasons why these agreement within two adults doesn’t reach its desired goal.

*Lack of love: This most times is the reason why marriages and relationships end. Because so many people do not understand what love really is. They feel it’s just a feeling for an opposite sex not knowing love has nothing to do with feelings. Love is a choice and a drive that drives us to understand and respect someone for a life time. When people attach love to feelings or emotion they tend to use words like this in future ” I don’t feel anything for him or her again” love must be a career you must build it, it must have some set goals as one of its qualities. You cannot love someone and cheat on that person except you confuse feelings for love that is why people would say they love their wife or partner yet they cheat on them. Some have even gone as far as saying love is not a yardstick not to cheat, you can still love your partner and cheat. Well, such persons confuse love for feelings.

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*Lack of good sex: When this is jettison in marriage, it tends to promote infidelity and can cause a misunderstanding. Sex is very important in marriage. Constant ignoring of sexual activities in marriage has led so many marriages to break up. Sex helps to relieve stress, it creates bond, it procreates and it is the zenith of fun among married couples. So many couples has suffered as a result of poor sexual activities. So many women has failed to apply some techniques to get orgasm because they have seen sex therapy as secondary in marriage building. So many can hardly explore their wives sexually. When sexual climax is not being achieved in marriage, a sex therapist should be involved immediately. Over looking it is synonymous to over looking your union.

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*Lack of money: They say “money can’t buy love” yes that is true but money can keep love. Have you heard that poor people are vulnerable? Husbands have been taken away from their wives and wives have been taken away from their husbands mainly because of lack of love, sex and money. The heart of a woman desires good things and a proud man is he that have provided for his wife. One must not steal to have money to keep a relationship or marriage but must learn the philosophy of how to make money. Balanced view of money in marriage or relationship is vital. Seeing a professional counselor to help you get a balance view of money would help strengthen your union. Poor financial mismanagement has ended so many marriages in court seeking for the termination of their marriage contract and have pushed other partner to seek for financial solution in someone else. Do not be quick to blame them because money in itself cannot buy love but can keep love.

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Issues with finding love, having a healthy sex life and understanding the philosophy of money can be normal and proffering a solution to it is that which does not demand medical attention except when it has gotten out of behavioral approach but requires the person to be patient and complete a counseling process not from a pastor, lawyer or a medical doctor but a qualified counseling psychologist.
Consult a professional counselor via WhatsApp on 0806 472 9707, Instagram on @mrbigt2020 with a fee of two thousand naira or six dollars. It’s a choice, you either talk to a counselor now or end up talking to a medical doctor when it becomes a 50/50 chance medically or a lawyer when you can no longer fix the issue or when it becomes life threatening. Or talk to a pastor when you have been brain washed to believes that your case is spiritual and you need deliverance.

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