Chronicles Of Survival And Progress By Levi N. Osuji

Hope Uzodimma

The regardless (I am aware of the original word) stone solidifying the foundation on which the enterprise is built. The regardless stone was sold out, to the public, as a saboteur, conniving with perceived enemies to torment and expunge out of existence. The regardless stone was misconceived as an opposing factor to the development of the enterprise and received little or no support except from those who understood his mission.

Week in, week out – month to month, the administration was confronted with series of obstacles however, these were converted into stepping stones towards the developmental projects and policies for the state. The administration remained unshaken, unweaving and committed towards the goals. Absolutely, nothing good comes so easily and as they say, corruption and crime would always fight back – in any guise.

This content aim to chronicle the numerous obstacles overcame by the Shared Prosperity administration of His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma within the first year in office, while highlighting few of the numerous unprecedented achievements of the administration.

It all started with the review which was erroneously planted to distract the administration from hitting the ground running upon resumption. The literal hypnosis and “brainwashing” this review brought upon Imolites led to the early challenges faced by the administration. While one might view the challenge from the angle of acceptability, I speak of the challenge instituted on the infrastructural developments – sabotaging the ongoing construction works that were adopted and granted clean bill of continuity by the Shared Prosperity administration – first in history!

This followed with numerous media attacks, name calling, brandishing the Governor with so much unprintable names and Imolites watched with cheers – shameful! These were attacks on the exalted Imo seat of power and not on the individual occupying such. When the state institution vested with the authority of ensuring internal security is assured (DSS) swung into action, many misunderstood and misconstrued their moves. It was an intelligent step towards averting a possible insurrection as witnessed in the USA recently. We all are aware of the actions of social media giants on the handles of President Trump.

They leveraged on the population of support base within the civil service to set the citizens against the government by selling a dummy of none payment of salaries. While it remains an obligatory responsibility of any government to pay salaries as a worker deserves his wages, it’s worthy of note that perpetration of frauds could not be allowed to continue against the interest of the state. The Shared Prosperity administration induced a reform for sanitizing the payroll system with automation. This giant stride has saved the state treasury from a few individuals who had hitherto constituted themselves into parasites. Ghost workers eliminated, multiple earners streamlined and over earners placed appropriately.

Then came the Pension issues – subjugating the airwaves with falsehood and propaganda – misleading the unsuspecting members of the public with fake information. While there existed a delay in payment of pensioners, this wasn’t farfetched from the fact that a deliberate malware was planted by the previous handlers to keep siphoning state funds in the guise of pension payment. A verification exercise became eminent for a resolution, harmonization and automation to tackle both the leaking treasury and the lingering payment issues. During this period, pension payment slowed down and later progressed onward.

Army of hired and sponsored protesters took over the streets of Owerri demanding justice from the Shared Prosperity administration for the wrongs of the previous administration. From the ISOPADEC protest to the IMSUBEB protest. Then came the protest by pensioners and organized unions – all just to destabilize the administration of His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma from his focus of transforming the state. People of goodwill had no option than to stage a solidarity march in support of His Excellency and his policies and programs.

Then arose in the city, the Internally Displaced Politicians (IDP) who find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that a new sheriff is in town and his policies and programs for the good of the people shall prevail. In various form, the bombed the Douglas House with verbal armouries as though they were opposition (may be in decoy). From political stability to administrative control, they tried all to infiltrate the administration and cause pandemonium – these were all a practice of “attack is the best form of defense” – having milked the state dry during their control of Douglas House Owerri.

The Government remained unshaken, unwavering and committed towards the actualization of her goals – reconstruction, rehabilitation and recovery of our dear Imo State. The elucidated above are only but a few – but the Shared Prosperity administration of His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma survived all these and piloted the state progressively and onward as we move!

The foundational reforms instituted by the administration accros various MDAs of the government would reshape the system of administration and governance in the state, even upon exit of this administration. There is a restoration of public confidence in government accros board. The automation of reoccurring processes has eliminated room for pilfering on public funds occasioned by the manual operations of these. With state of the art facilities and institutionalized / legislated procedure, the IGR management of the state has garnered enviable increase seamlessly.

In areas of projects, the commenced construction of major signature roads within the state (Owerri-Okigwe and Owerri-Orlu) upon completion, would boast economic activities within the state and serve as connection point for the construction of other connecting roads. The alleviation of sufferings experienced by residents and passersby of these major roads would improve the livelihood and life expectancy. The city of Owerri has been acquainted with traffic gridlock hindering economic growth and depleting public infrastructure. The recently flagged off Urban renewal project has been structured to not only beautify the city but address the traffic situation within the state and aid organization of economic arms.

As i wrap it up here, I cannot speak comprehensively on the unprecedented achievements of the Shared Prosperity administration of His Excellency the Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma due to it’s voluminous nature but I wouldn’t roundup without stating the empowerment and skill acquisition programs of the administration. The creation of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Skills Acquisition has continued to live up to expectations with various programs geared towards the growth of the Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs). The revitalization of moribund state institutions such as ITC and Adapalm, all geared towards job creation and economic growth of the state so as to reduce dependency on oil revenue. While working towards these, it doesn’t however mean a blind eye from the natural resources belonging to the state and that has propelled His Excellency in seeking boundary resolution and possible adjustment to recover our oil wells lost to neighboring states.

© Levi Osuji is a member of the Hope new and electronic media center.

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