COVID-19: Nnamdi Kanu Reveals Why Igbos May Not Be Infected With Coronavirus

The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has revealed the reason behind the strength of the Igbos against all forms of diseases.

He disclosed this yesterday on his Facebook page where he instructed these followers to abide by the instructions given by the Government be it at any level of Governance in his usual character as a Law-abiding individual who is leading by example.

According to the people’s leader, “Our Immune system is supercharged and this is the main reason it may be difficult for the COVID-19 to infect the Igbos all over the world”.

Mazi Kanu claims that “due to the high nutritious meals the Biafrans consume and the practice of child-breastfeeding culture known for ages.

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We suck the breast milk very well above 12 months, and that contributed to our people being healthy, strong, intelligent and we are capable of surviving all manner of attacks by the Nigerian government and can withstand many infectious diseases”.

He further revealed that “You will recall that during the three months Nigerian Civil War, one of the weapons used against the Biafrans among many other things includes Sever hunger.

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But thank God for the high-level immune system and the hand od Almighty God protecting us, we would have been wiped away from the face of Nigeria”, he said.

He went on to encourage Biafrans to observe all safety measures, sit at home and watch as the Lord will Passover to Slay our enemies.

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